Don't worry, we got time

They say patience is a virtue but is it really? Does the ability to tolerate delay constitute high morality in a person? I'm not sure it does. By accepting delay we are wasting time. Time which we have very little of. This is time which could be spent with loved ones or doing something you love. We take for granted the time we have until it is depleted. Recently, a close friend'a father passed away unexpectedly. Whilst speaking at the wake this friend expatiated upon his sorrow and regret of the fact that he didn't have more time to spend with his father. Seeing this pain and regret impacted me greatly. I make it a point to spend time with my loves ones whenever possible. This does not simply mean being in the same room as them but being engaged with them. This means putting technology aside and actually being with that person. It is ridiculous, to say the least, to go out into public areas and see how many people are on their phones. Couples or groups of friends being together but being so far apart at the same time. Looking at their timelines rather than into each others eyes. I shutter at the thought of reflecting upon my life as a senior citizen and realizing that most of my time was spend with my eyes fixated upon a tiny screen. I'd rather have memories of the people I love and places I've been rather than a Vine or Tweet. My point is there is a finite amount of time we are granted on this Earth and it is important, at least to me, to spend as much of that time doing something you love or being with loved ones. 

The End

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