Don't Turn Out the Light...

Another one-page horror. Enjoy!

It's just gone midnight, and you sit alone in the darkness of your room. You've just awoken from a nightmare, but you can't really remember why. The memory is fuzzy and indistinct, like a video tape watched one too many times. Your room is dark, no light comes through the curtains and dark shadows rise ominously against the walls. Your possesions, so familiar and comforting in the daytime, are warped by the darkness into nameless horrors, lurking in the corners, waiting for the moment to strike.

The night is pitch dark and silent, with only the occasional whisper of wind blowing through your slightly-opened window. Nothing moves, and the only sound is the thumping of your heart in your chest.

Then, in the far corner of the bedroom, something moves.

You sit up, alert and edgy. Eyes wide, you stare into the darkness, trying to make out the outline of whatever it is that is in there.

Another movement, closer this time.

You draw your knees up to your chin, your breathing shallow and irregular. There's something sure, you can sense it. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up and sweat begins to drip down your forehead. Terror tightens it's grip on your heart, hammering against your ribcage like a frightened bird.

Something pale drifts slowly towards you, the blackness swirling around it like a shadow. You open your mouth to scream, but fear's icy fingers choke your voice. The pale thing draws closer, thin spindly fingers reaching for your throat, searching for the feeling of your cold clammy skin as you shake uncontrollably in fear. You begin to gasp in fear as your throat convulses, adrenaline pumping through you. Too scared to run, too scared to fight back. Your heart feels like it's about to burst out of your chest, you want to scream and run and never stop going until the day you drop down dead.

Then everything goes black.


They will find your body in the morning, face still frozen in an expression of mindless terror. A single red slash in your throat.

Blood drips slowly onto your sheets. Your glassy eyes stare emptily into space.

Mouth frozen in a silent scream

The End

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