Don't Try To Tell MeMature

Sapphire has just moved to Firun in the fantasy world of Farr with her father Xander, step-mother Stephanie and step-brother, Luke. There, she meets the dead sexy vampire Jase. Will Luke come between their relationship?

Chapter One


            My alarm blared in my ears as it usually did in the mornings with that annoying bleeping and buzzing between. I groaned.

            My first day at a new school in Firun.

            I sighed in defeat as I swung my legs over the side of the bed. I groaned again and stretched my arms and legs out. I showered quickly and dried my hair before brushing my hair and teeth. I chose out a pair of light blue jeans and a white, sleeve-less top with a pair of light grey trainers.

            I lived in Firun now with my dad, his fiancé Stephanie and her son, Luke.

            Stephanie and Luke looked quiet a lot alike. Both had dark blond hair and stunningly blue eyes with sun-kissed skin and soft features. Luke was twenty-two and Stephanie was nearly forty-four but dad was nearly forty-five and it was about time he settled down. The thing that got me about Luke was that I was attracted to him but I kept denying it because he hated me.

            I packed my laptop, scrapbook, pencil case, books and PE kit in my bag, feeling the nervous bile make a lunge up my throat. I hurriedly threw up into my toilet and brushed my teeth again. Twice.

            Typical that I should be so terrified when I'd been the new girl at least seven times in the last six months. My dad had finally been set down here in Firun, Lonia.

            "Darling, you're gonna be late!" Dad interrupted my thinking.

            "I'm coming, dad." I called unenthusiastically. I ran down the stairs and snatched two round waffles from the kitchen, running out to the black off-roading Versa 9922443.

            Dad pulled out of the drive as I slammed the door shut, making the glass tremble more than my shaking hands. "First day at All Saints High. Nervous?" Dad mused.

            "No. Terrified." I mumbled.

            Dad chuckled, his hazel eyes lighting up. My Dad, Alexander Bloodwritten, was tall and svelte but he was soft featured and kindly eyed, always sweet and compassionate. He had hazel eyes, dark hair and, like me, slightly tanned skin. Dad and I looked slightly like each other but I had always been a reminder of my mother to him. We were quite alike, too. We were both manipulative, cunning, friendly and we could both speak seven different being and human languages fluently.

            I was quite different from my father. I had my mother's straight, red wine hair, her pretty, clear blue eyes, her curvy pyriso figure and her loving, beautiful personality. She had always thought I was destined to be her sister but the Gods had changed their minds last minute and I'd come out as her 'twin daughter'. Mum was like me in so many ways but she didn't have my exact persona. She was more of the ditzy blond than the pretty red head.

            "Don't be, honey. You never know, next week you could be at First High with Andre and Shay or we could even be in Imarez. Y'never know where Hannah is gonna push us." Dad smiled. He was a professional Falon player for a living, a lasher. Very famous.

            "I don't want to keep moving like this, dad. I keep falling behind in school." I mumbled.

            "Sweetie, please don't be difficult." Dad moaned, following the directions Stephanie had prepared for him, as she was born and bred here in Firun.

            "I'm not. You just think I'm being a stressy teenager." I muttered bitterly, fiddling with the radio. I settled on a loud, rock station, much to dad's apparent dislike.

            "You are being stressy, pet. You need to try and be more balanced." He mumbled, chuckling. I rolled my eyes as the other older houses whooshed past.

            "Less traffic here than Sylo, eh, dad?" I muttered.

            "Yeah. It's peaceful here. I might just ask Hannah if we can stay here so I can play with the Strealers. Great team." He agreed. He angrily bleeped someone. "Indicate, you fucking idiot!"

            "And you say I'm being moody." I hissed as the jeep stopped outside the school. I looked out of the tinted window to see groups of humans, vampires, werewolves, enjions, hunters, shadowchasers, demons, fallen angels, centaurs and various other Farr beings. I gulped.

            "You sure you don't want me to come in with you?" Dad asked.

            "I don't exactly want to be branded a daddy's girl on my first day." I muttered.

            "Good luck, sweetheart." He grinned, hugging me, then kissing my cheek. I got out of the car and began the terrified walk toward the school. A few wary and curious eyes swivelled my way as I walked to the office, my head down and my cheeks reddened with fear.

            I numbly walked into the office to find it was nearly empty of humans. It was mostly pale vampires and enjions hooked up to IVs with bags of blood on the hooks. My stomach turned to ice as I pressed the call bell. An old, dark asurar demon came to the glass and slid it open.

            "Yes, love?" She asked in a Jira accent.

            "I'm Sapphire Bloodwritten. I'm new today." I muttered. One vampire with dark hair and purple eyes looked up.

            "Ah. Here's your scedual, books, home/school book and your house wrist band." She muttered, handing me a pile of books and a clear case which had a wristband inside.

            "Thanks." I smiled, walking off to pack everything. My wristband was bright crimson in colour, meaning I was in Phoenix house. Fire red was my favourite colour. I walked to my tutorial room and knocked on the door.

            A young teacher answered the door. The class leant forwards. Mr Duvall. "Yes?" He asked, pushing his glasses up his nose.

            "I'm Sapphire Bloodwritten. I'm supposed to be in your class." I mumbled. I could pick out just five humans; the rest were various beings. He turned and let me walk in, scanning the desks for an empty space that I could already see.

            "There's a seat there, third back." He muttered. I reluctantly walked to the seat and sat down next to a blond, female centaur and a tall, angular boy with dark hair and silvery eyes.

            "Right, then, as you have noticed, we have a new student in our midst. Her name is Sapphire Bloodwritten and she has just moved over from the Delesio Islands, if I'm right. Tell us about yourself, Sapphire." Duvall muttered, sitting on his desk.

            "Um, my dad plays Falon for the Strealers." I mumbled, my hands shaking.

            "Which position?" He asked.

            "Lasher." I answered. Whispers ran around the classroom.

            "Ah, so your father is Alexander Bloodwritten, yes?" Duvall asked. I nodded shyly. He took the regester and dismissed the class for lessons. My first one was double PE.

The End

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