Dont Tell Clara

Venita loves her dear friend Clara but when she realises a new secret in Claras family she cant wait to tell her, only she cant. 'Dont Tell Clara' is about how lying if its out of love and not selfishness is alright.

 I could start in many ways;  my name, my life, my age, where i currently, sit, or even stand. But im going to start in the past.

Seventeen years ago, i was eleven years old. Moving to the big new secondary school was terrifying. Infact terrifying was a mild word to use for how i indeed felt. But on that day i was not the only one. There was a small red head girl;  natrually pretty looking, freckles and beautiful green eyes, she was sitting in the corner of the giant roaring yard, legs crossed, head down, quite obviously scared. I aprouched her, she sensed my aprouch and looked up, fear was infact flowing from her, she was shaking and her eyes were watery.  I was scared myself of this place, but felt she was more scared, more upset about this new change in her life. So i offered a hand, out of the little bravery i had. And i was reliefed when she took it.  Had i made a new friend?


We hadnt spoke a single word, but we had made it across the yard to the main school doors, the entrance, the mouth of the school.  She pointed towards a door and i took her there, hand still in hand. She stopped outside the door and turned to face me.

"Thank you." The girl said. She was irish. A strong irish accent.

The End

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