waking to a dreamMature

****That was the first night I dreamt of Ben.

I was on the edge of a cliff looking down in to the sea. Then I heard the whispers.

"Don't do it....You can't jump....You won't....Come back....For me.....Come..." I turned to see Ben, his lips barely moving and begging me with his eyes, to step to him. Away...from the fall.

But I didn't want to.

The dream probably didn't last that long, but looking into his eyes felt like hours. And I hated it, so much....

My sight faded slowly to blackness and the next thing I knew, I was breathing slowly with the feel of warm sheets over me.

Um, when did I aquire a blanket?

I sat up, but didn't open my eyes. Who knows, could last night have been a dream?

I shook my head, whatever then....

The End

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