a while longerMature

Ben carried me to his car in silence and went back inside to clear everything up. I stared out the window numb, seeing everything and nothing at te same time. How did this happen? How could I forget...?

It was the questions like that that made me curl into a ball. I wrapped my arms around myself, maybe, if I held myself together, I won't fall apart, I prayed.

Ben came back with a clip board and pen. In the front seat he sighed and tapped the pen at a steady rhythm. "They need you to sign these papers. I've read it all, it just says that for now, you're a ward of the state, but that you're staying with me for the time being," Ben almost whispered now.

I slowly took the clip board and signed my name with a shaking hand. My old life....gone. What else would be lost from it?

Ben gently took back the papers and opened the door to leave, but I grabbed his hand.

Ben jumped, startled and looked questioning back at me. There was a sort of strange bravery in his eyes, as if he were trying to stifle a fear....of me. As if one wrong movement would open up the flood of tears again.

"What's going to happen to me...?" I croaked. Ben blinked.

"Absolutely nothing," he replied, and walked back inside the police department. I sighed in relief.

When will I ever wake up....?

The End

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