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Ben called his sister and told her I was fine and what we were going to do. She agreed and said it was best to get it over with. I just couldn't wait to see my parents after so long. I mean, I absolutely love Ben, (and secretly like him) but I wanted to see my family again. They must be so worried, I thought.

We walked into the police station together. I'd taken a shower and looked alot better I must say. Plus I'd gotten out of that slutty dress and borrowed an outfit of Michelle's, she was so nice.

I glanced at a bulletin board that was clustered with papers and notices of all kinds and spotted my face gazing back levelly at me. I remembered the picture, it was taken probably over a year ago and I walked over to get a better look at it.

"Excuse me miss, can I help you?" I jumped. A tired looking woman in uniform was staring skeptically at me.  

I tucked my hair behind my ears and was just about to say, "This is me," when she beat me to it.

"Oh my Lord. You're Anna Silver! We looked for you all last week and the week before since the reunion and we didn't find your body." The lady noticed Ben then. "Who are you?" 

I tilted my head to the side. body? A memory I didn't remember exploded into my mind and the station disappeared.

'"HAHAHAHA! Dude, we've gotta bitch here! She wasn't in the building, ha!" I blinked, only to be kicked in the gut.

I cried out, they only laughed. "Yeah, it hurts doesn't it bitch? Just wait, tonight-"

Another guy started talking. "Yeah, you here that bitch? Your mommy and daddy ain't comin' to save you now....they're DEAD!" More of them, tall, muscular, armed crowded around me laughing and taunting me. I screamed....'

"Anna! Anna, are you ok? Anna?!" I recognized Ben's voice, he was shaking my shoulders and staring into my zoned-out eyes trying to capture my attention into the present.

I shook my head glad to be out of the flashback. Shock radiated througout my body. 'DEAD, Dead, dead dead....' the word echoed in my head like it had that first night. That first horrible night that I'd wished I'd forgotten. That I thought I had. 

"My family...." I whispered. I saw the lady talkng excitedly to other people. My vision became blurred. They didn't care. "they're...." The tears spilled over. I screamed.

"NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I sprinted to the lady and grabbed her by the collar, blinking rapidly to clear my sight. I hated crying. "Where are they? Tell me where they ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The woman gasped and swallowed. "Who? Where who are?" I glared and barred my teeth.


The lady's face was instantly saddened. "They're dead." She looked confused. "We thought if.... you ever came in, that you'd know...." I let go of her blouse and backed up quickly. I wanted out of here, now!

I covered my face with my hands and turned around to race out of the station, only to run into someone.

It was Ben. I felt I was being torn and slashed to pieces from the inside and just wanted to drop dead on the spot. My heart throbbed and tears ran like rivers down my cheeks. 

"No, go away! Go away...." I sobbed and tried to push him away. Ben just held me closer and tighter while I cried. After a minute he picked me up and sat down on a couch in the lobby with me in his lap.

I took my hands away from my face and hugged him feircely. He held me feircely in return, as if he believed that he could prevent me from falling apart, and I cried.

I sobbed. I broke down. Yet the pain never got better. Why? 

I knew I was ruining his shirt and I tried to say sorry but no words could be distinguished in the sobs. Ben kept his arms around me  and rubbed my back. But weirdest of all, he kept telling me it would be ok.

"No! They're gone! They're dead! No! No, no...." I buried my eyes from the world and wished that this could all be a dream. How could this be happening? I thought. What I do to deserve this? 

It's a dream, I thought.

Just a bad dream.... 

The End

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