saying nothingMature

I blinked. Was she serious? School? Now? Huh? I ruffled my hair, it was trying to lay flat again.

Anna tilted her head to the side in confusion sensing my hesitation. What would I tell her?

The truth, I decided.

"Anna, we're in the middle of summer. School's not going to be here for a long time...." I trailed off at the look on her face, but she looked away too quick for me to decipher it. Why did she want in school so bad? ****

**** I smiled and raised my chin, so it's summer time. Ben gazed at me with concern but half-smiled in return. "Ok then," I said and slowly stood up.

But was surprised. "Ok what?" I stood still for a moment waiting for the room to move, but it didn't. Awesome.

"Ok, let's get the 'OMG! You're alive!' part over with the police and whatnot. " I glanced at Ben, "Where's the restroom? I think I'm giong to clean up a bit now that I can stand."

"Oh," Ben said, then pointed to a hallway. "Last one to your right." I smiled.

"Thanks Ben."

The End

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