Slowly I surfaced to reality. I just didn't know that someone was watching me.

"Gahh!" I gasped, my eyes flying fully open. Standing over me was Anna, or she was for a second. When she saw me awake she gasped and stumbled backwards as well. Chain reactions can be so ironic right?

I looked her over; she was shaking, her eyes red, her movements weak and skin pale. Fear, haze and pain was written on her face. Then I realized what she was scared of, me.

"Hey," I said uncertain. She skooted farther away from me with wide eyes and hit the couch. She turned around to look at it and whimpered, clutching her palm to her forehead.

I got up slowly and sat on the floor; she curled up and hugged herself, but kept a close, weary eye on me. "Please.....don't kill me," Anna whispered. Then I noticed that she was fingering her wrists, where fine red lines were healing.

How could I have overlooked them?

"God..." I muttered. "What did they do to you....?"

The End

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