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I don’t remember much anything that happened after I told the guy that I couldn’t go to a hospital. I just recall the feeling of being lifted twice, and then being cold, and being set down.

Hands flitted over me, I gasped and curled up. The hands tried to make me straight again. “Pleases don’t kill me,” I whispered, my voice hoarse. The hands paused and left for a while, then came back, gentler. By then, I was weaker and didn't have the will to want to fight. ****

I pulled into the driveway of Michelle’s house and parked. A light came on in the kitchen and a curtain swayed.

I got out and went around to get Anna who was still KOed. I felt her forehead. It was clammy with cold sweat and fever.

I quickly unbuckled her and got her out of the car. The rain had increased its pace and was coming down hard now.

Right before I got to the door it opened and there stood my smiling sister Michelle. Michelle had flaming red hair cut short above her shoulders and eyes the same color as mine, but less intense and murky.

A split second of relief washed over me. The exact opposit seemed to take Michelle. She gasped, almost immediately focusing on Anna and held open the door for me. I gratefully shied from the rain and stepped into her apartment.

“Who is that? Is she hurt? What happened? Why didn’t you take her to a hospital?” Was the stream of questions that poured out of my sister’s mouth. I went into the living room and set Anna on the couch.

“Her name is Anna, I don't know her last name, she was in my youth, I don’t know what’s happened to her, she told me that the hospital is where the people who did whatever it is that’s been done to her got her from, and legally. I was hoping that you’d be able to help her, with whatever’s wrong.” I sighed, "Or at least get her awake."

 Michelle’s eyes got really wide but she nodded and went straight to her room. “Call Mom and tell her whatever you’re doing,” she added, rummaging through a closet.

I flipped out my cell phone and texted Mom that I was staying with sis tonight.

“Ok,” I said. Michelle came into the living room, I followed behind her. She checked Anna’s pulse. I knew that much of what she was doing at least. 

“She’s really weak,” she muttered. I sat down next to the couch as Michelle probed up Anna's neck. Then she started to check her body for bruises or cuts. We saw both.

Anna moaned then and curled into a ball, trying to push Michelle's hands away. I stroked her skin, trying to calm her down and lay her flat.

Then Anna whispered the words that scared me to the bone. "Please, don't kill me." She fell limp after that. Michelle immediately got up, as if something had shocked her, and got up muttering about getting something. Anger, fear and pity welled up inside me. I clenched my fist.

"What have they done to you?" I asked to no one in particular. I hadn’t been able to see her in the darkness of my car, but now I saw that Anna was literally beaten up. You could almost see the individual hand prints marked on her skin in blue and green. Michelle came back with other tools.

“Ben, turn around for a sec, okay?” I looked up at her, her tone was scared, and so was her face.

I turned around. I don’t know what she did, but she gasped.

“What!?” I asked and turned back around. Her face was sheet white.

“Sh-she’s been…” Michelle stopped and bit her lip.

“She’s been raped?” I guessed. It was the only explanation my mind would give for such brutal wounds.

Michelle stared at Anna and nodded. I gulped, that wasn’t something I’d planned on. Michelle started to bandage some of Anna’s cuts.  

Anna started to shiver violently. Michelle stopped and stared at her shocked, and probably scared. She was breathing raggedly again. I spotted an old afghan on the back of a recliner and threw it over her. Michelle took her temperature. “One hundred and five,” she whispered. My eyes widened, that was bad. 

Very bad.    

The End

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