don't take life seriously, no one gets out aliveMature

A family is mysteriously killed at a reunion and one girl not found has disappeared. When a couple of her friends rescue her, it's from a gang and she is scared and beaten. No one knows what's happened, and no one knows if Anna will make it out of high school alive.

It's dark.

It’s always dark now, and I never know what time it is. Barely know anything anymore. I ache all over and a migraine's slowly killing my head. Everything's passing in this slow, agonizing haze of violence and pleasure.

And I live.

Now I’m wondering whether that fact is good or bad. Around me the guys are smoking and cussing and talking and laughing, so, the usual. At least, it is now. 

I can barely breathe in the choking smoke-filled Buick. After the first couple days or so, I got used to my body being so much lighter and uncovered. This strapless silver dress just barely comes up to my chest and just makes it past my upper thighs.

Rader keeps reaching over to run his hand up my leg. The feel of his rough, familiar hands make me shiver, bringing another faint pain I really don't want to feel. “Be good tonight bitch. Remember what we got,” he whispered in my ear. I stared into space.

I hated this, being a toy. A sex toy. But it’s not like I can do anything else. I can't run, they'll beat me more, can't hide, I need food to live. You get used to it, and eventually enjoy it, Bre told me back at the place. I was sure I didn't want to though.

She had grown up in the hood obviously. She hadn’t been abducted like me, taken away from everything right and friendly. Here, we were a different kind of friendly. Trying to remember anything from those sane times is just painful.

I tried to envision my old friends, but only got flashes of color, faces and my head started throbbing. I shivered and rested my head against the head rest. J’Mal noticed from the driver seat.

“Ey! What’s wrong with you bitch?”

I licked my dry lips to answer. “Nothing, just cold,” I answered feebly. And tired and hurting and needing coke....Bre beside me turned to look me over.

“You ok Miha? You look like you’re trippin’ or something. You didn’t get any more right?” I shook my head. Bre’s eyebrows pinched together in worry. After a split second, she shrugged off her coat and handed it to me.

I gratefully put it on. “Thanks Miha.” I whispered.

She nodded and went back to taunting Donel. I closed my eyes and tried to clear my head. All the loudness and smoke was making my head throb and darkening out my vision. I labored for oxygen, and felt my bruises and cuts in time with my heartbeat. Slowly, everything eventually went black.

Sound was the first that came back into my semi-conscious state. “He he he, yeah I’m ready bitch he he,” that was Donel. Dumbass.

“Hey fool, you gonna get your white bitch?” I heard J’Mal shout, in the general director of Rader unfortunately. Jackass.

I knew he was probably talking about me; Rader did me every night now. I was just about to open my eyes when Bre said. “She’s asleep man, let her get some. Y’all haven’t been yettin’ no one rest ‘round here ‘kay.” I tried to move but my body wasn’t listening to my brain.

“Bitch don’t you gimme that. Y’all want rest we can put you to sleep. Now go wake her up.” I hate J'Mal. 

Things were quiet for a split second, and then, “Wake up bitch, it’s time for you to entertain us again he he.” Rader grabbed my arm and yanked me out of the car.

My eyes flew half open as I became airborne for a heartbeat. Dark colors swirled around me, black, faint white street lights, the grey roads. My headache hadn’t gone away, and I could barely see in the now bright lights and dark of night.

When my eyes focused, I saw them smirking at me. I tried to make my legs work and keep me from falling, but I ended up on the ground, terribly scraping up my legs.

“Whoa, careful Rader. Unless you want a scraped up bitch tonight, I’d lay off brother.” Armonze said. I stayed down, I couldn’t move, I’d given my all and needed some more Coke.

“Get up bitch!” Rader yelled. I was just about to comply, when he kicked me hard in the stomach. Pain streaked up my spine.

I coughed, expelling blood. He did it again. I saw stars and went completely limp. He did it twice more, but I wasn’t in body anymore, I couldn't feel the pain, though I knew it was there. “Damn it fool! Would you stop! She looks dead. Ok, I’m going inside. Yo, Bre, stay and get her when she moves alright?”

There was shuffling and their voices went away. “Yeah, I got you.” Bre came over to my side. “You alright Miha? Damn girl, they lay some hurt on you.” I lay there, trying to catch my breath. Then Bre leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Listen, I’m going to go in an’ tell ‘em that you’re coming alright? We’re in downtown Davidson. Miha, remember, this is the best chance you’re going to get. So get away from here.”

I groaned and coughed, fighting to become fully awake. The throbbing in my head wasn’t showing signs of disappearing but I managed to nod. I heard the quick retreating off Bre’s stiletto heels, then nothing.

Silence except for cars passing by on the freeway. I struggled to get up and for a second just stood looking blankly around for some slight indication of where I was.

Second Street and Boardwalk. Recognition poked at my mind and I started walking the way my instincts went. So many agonizing thoughts swirled around in my head. Lost, alone, Bre, hated, hurt, coke, hurt. I laughed.

Time of course gave no indication of how it passed. Eventually I got to the shops in downtown Davidson and I kept going towards the red CVS sign. It seemed like a smart thing to do.

I was approaching the door into the store when I staggered and went sprawling on the brick walk. Pain was coming back into feeling, and I gasped.

My vision wavered and my head was still throbbing. My eyes closed involuntarily, and then I heard something.

A voice, and then I felt someone holding me, surprisingly gentle. “You ok?” The voice paused and I heard it gasp. I tried to open my eyes, but only got a flutter before they became unresponsive again just like the rest of my body. “Anna? Anna?” The guy shook me, I grimaced.

I knew it was a guy because the tone was too deep to be a girl. There was something strange about this voice too, it was familiar. Not like the familiar now, but familiar back then, when things were right.

“Can you hear me? God, I’ve gotta get you to a hospital.” I knew what that meant, and it was wrong.

“No!” I gasped and finally got my eyes to open. His eyes were a beautiful sapphire blue, and seemed almost to glow, but that didn’t matter now. “You can’t take me to a hospital! That’s where they got me! You can’t let them take me again! They have legal ways to, to….” No matter how hard I gasped, the breath just left me. I blacked out, exhausted. ****

Savanah’s eyes rolled and she fell totally limp in my arms. Damn, she weighted absolutely nothing, and was totally hott.

This is awkward.

Not to mention she looked like a stripper in a skimpy silver strapless number. Who would take her? She was supposed to be dead, along with her family. The guys and I all went to her funeral, we mourned her. Will had cried! 

Savanah’s head jerked and her eyes moved restlessly under her lids which were black and blue. I'm guessing either from abuse or sleep deprivation...or both.

I had to get her out of here. Picking her up carefully, I took her to my car and buckled her into the front seat beside me. When I looked her over I noticed that she was breathing more evenly than she had when talking to me.

So no hospitals? Ok, I officially love my sister, I thought relieved. We had a doctor, at my sister's house.

It was a fifteen minute drive back home, and after about five minutes, Savanah started to twitch and mutter things.

“R-Rader…need it, need it…coke!”

I froze.

Coke, coke. Oh shit.

At the next red light I quickly reached over and turned Savanah’s arms over.


The crease of her left arm was black and purple and slightly bleeding at the vein. Someone had continuously drugged her, hard.

“What happened to you…” I whispered out loud, gazing intently at Savanah’s taunt face as if she would tell me there.


I jumped. The red light was green again.

Stomping on the gas, I and steered forward then glanced over at Savanah. Her head kept bouncing off the window, she was out cold. Outside, it had started raining. Her reflection looked like it was crying. ****

The End

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