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**WARNING: Involves a  graphic sexual scene, IMO.Read at your own discretion!**


Isabelle scribbled some writing onto a clean sheet of white paper and passed it to Adrianna who sat beside her. Adrianna opened the paper and looked at Isabelle surprisingly with her mouth opened and then took out her pen to reply.


The note read:


I told Mr.Conrad I liked him...


What did he say??

He said I was beautiful...that he couldn't stop thinking about me since that 'incident' and one of the best students in class...


He likes you back :) And wants to bang you.




What? Oh come on. You should know me by now. I say these things :( You know you want him too...


*rolls eyes*


He didn't actually say he liked me back. Oh God he's looking right at me! I wonder what he's going to tell me after class...I'm so nervous!


So you're not discussing homework afterall... You guys are sneaky!


Yes, I guess we are :)


We better stop. I swear, he just gave me the most scariest look.


Yeah, right.


Seriously! You believe me don't you?


But he's the nicest guy ever! He just smiled at me! What are you talking about?


That's because he likes you. Not me. Yepp, he did the scary look again.


Oh, I caught that! It wasn't that scary. I think he just knows that we're not paying attention.


You can even read him too! Awwwwwww!



You're a freak.







Yeahhhh huh.


Nuh uh times infinity!




Isabelle's heart pounded as the bell rung.


''Class dismissed! Have a good weekend everyone,'' Mr.Conrad said. ''Okay Isabelle, about the homework...''


Adrianna looked to her friend. ''Are you going to be okay?''


''Yeah. Thanks for asking,'' she smiled. ''Just a bit nervous about his response.''


''I'm sure it will go okay,'' Adrianna smiled back and hoisted up her backpack behind her. She looked at their note. ''I didn't finish writing back. Anyways, catch you later!'' she winked.


''Yeah...'' Isabelle replied as she watched her friend leave the classroom.


She breathed hard as her curious green eyes locked with his. She took out her science book and went up to him. They pretended to be looking at a problem until the last student in the room left, leaving them both to their privacy.


''About what happened earlier...''she started shyly, looking down from her notebook to him. But, before she could finish, she was greeted by his rough kiss.


It was different from all the other guys she had been with. This kiss, felt more experienced and ignited several sparks within her...It had also kindled some fear inside her too.


But then her mind traced back to Martin, which was nerve wracking; he had basically slobbered her whole mouth and lastly, Jason, whom she frowned thinking of. Jason, was a year older who at first, appeared to be the nicest, most genuine guy. She loved the circumstances they had first been introduced to each other. It was at an abandoned house that Adrianna, herself and Thomas were exploring. Thinking there was a ghost out the window, the trio had screamed and they all heard laughter outside. A group of guys and girls from another school came in the house as well. Jason had struck up a conversation with Isabelle and they exchanged numbers from there. They became good friends but once they had gotten together, she saw the other side of him. Underneath his facade was a conceited and lying guy.


''Are you alright?'' Mr.Conrad asked, looking at her with attentiveness and had a look of worry on his face.


She felt like face palming her forehead at that moment. How could her mind drift to all that while she was kissing her teacher? Surely she still couldn't be hung up over Jason?


''I'm sorry Mr.Conrad-It's just that it took awhile to process this whole situation,'' she lied, looking flustered.


She shivered at his touch. He stroked the side of her face with his right hand and left his hand on the crane on the smooth skin of her neck and said, ''Isabelle, I never thought I would feel these feelings...especially for one of my students.''




''David. Please. Call me David, '' he breathed.

 He saw a smile spread across her face as she did as asked.


Hearing his name from her lips was the last straw. He picked her up and put her on his desk, while kissing her hard. He loved the softness of her lips and the heat of her sweet breath against his face. He groaned as he felt her ankle lock behind him, her legs around his waist while he wrapped his strong arms around her. She gasped as she felt his erection against her thighs. She felt him smirk into the kiss.


He turned and kissed the smooth white skin on her neck. He heard her gasp and let out a small moan, and before he even realized it, his hands were quickly unbuttoning her shirt. She moaned again, a little louder this time. He pushed her shirt off her shoulders, running his fingertips down the soft skin of her arms. Her delicate fingers were working on undoing his tie, when he reached up to take it off himself, grabbing her hands and thrusting them onto his belt. She took his cue and began to undo his belt while he threw his tie off, and unbuttoned his shirt as quickly as he could.

''David...'' Isabelle purred. She put her hands flat against his toned chest, his belt now hanging open.

He didn’t know if he was moving to fast, but God… she was so beautiful, sitting on his desk in a short plaid skirt, and just her light pink bra. She gasped and blushed, her innocence showing through as he ripped the button of his fly open, pushed his pants down to his ankles. His breathing was rapid, and he could sense she was getting excited as well, because her breath had quickened. She ran her hands down his chest, and then ran her fingertips slowly up the length of him. He shuddered and moaned.

'What was he getting himself into?' he thought. 

''Isabelle...Are you sure you want to do this?'' he asked. Although, a part of him wanted her to say no and tell him off but deep down inside, he did not want her to reject him.

She nodded her head and reached behind her, unclasping her bra. She was shy, he could tell but she wanted this just as much as he did, so he didn't hesitate to kick off his shoes and pull his pants the rest of the way off. Pushing off the papers on his desk to the side, they tumbled onto the floor as he gently laid her down on the now barren wood. She shivered as she felt his fingertips trace down her collarbone, to her breasts, down her stomach, on her hips and lastly, to the button on her skirt. She moaned a little, enticing him to continue. He pulled the buttons open, and pushed her skirt down.

Never did Isabelle think that her fantasy would have ever come true.  And she wasn't imagining it. Here he was, Mr. David Conrad stark naked in front of her virgin eyes. Mr.Conrad would be her first.

''David...'' he heard her say.

He ran his hand down her exposed thigh, ''Yes, Isabelle?''


He sensed her uneasiness and stopped, his hand still on her thigh. ''Is there something wrong?''

''It's just that...I-- I've ne-never -'' she stammered, too embarrassed to go on.

He understood to where she was getting at. ''Don't worry Isabelle,'' he said, giving her a chaste kiss on the lips. ''I'll take good care of you.''

And that was all the reassurance she needed.


The End

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