So WrongMature


A couple weeks later--



Isabelle had come to class earlier than usual. He was in the middle of writing today's notes and there was no one in class but himself and her. He felt himself think of the previous tryst they had shared which was causing him some distress and mixed feelings. Her laugh made him stop writing and turn back to her confused. She pointed to the board and giggled. Turns out he had lost his train of focus and started to write notes about the first World War.


''Sorry about that Isabelle. My uh-morning hasn't been so pleasant,'' he excused.


''Why is that? Did you have a fight with your wife?'' she asked as she looked down onto her paper and copied down his notes.


''I'm not married,'' he replied while clearing his throat.


He swore he caught excitement in her voice as she said, ``Oh!``


After all his notes on the chalk board, he sat back to his desk and started to grade papers. He needed to stop thinking about her. It was wrong.


Just then, she was at his desk.


''Mr.Conrad?'' she said shyly.


''Yes Isabelle?'' he replied, not looking up. He would surely not have the guts to look away from her tantalizing deep green eyes.


She hesitated for a moment. ''Can I...can I ask you a question? It's kind of personal...''


''Depends on how personal. We have to remain professional since we're in class, Isabelle.''


Blushing, she replied, ''Not that personal sir...I figured, since you're a guy-''


He had the urge to smirk. ''Having boy troubles Isabelle?''




''How can I help?'' he asked curiously although he felt a twinge of jealousy.


She blushed a darker shade of red and said, ''Well...I'm not sure if this guy likes me. It's kind of hard to tell and I really like him too. It's kind of – I don't know. I'm not sure if he'd go for someone like me....''


''What's not to like? You're an excellent student, a great observer and a listener. ( you're beautiful and you have a very inviting smile... Stop thinking this right now David!) You're very pretty and you have the smarts to get into any school you'd like,`` he smiled and gave her test back, with a perfect score.


''Well...the thing is...I think he could do better but I think about him a whole lot. It makes it hard to focus...''


''Your schoolwork definitely doesn't reflect that Isabelle. Crushes at your age are very normal, so don't worry about it. Better than you? All you need is confidence in yourself. Do you talk to this boy?'' he said.


''Sometimes...I started to like him more after a weird circumstance that occurred,'' she said and paused. ''I know he likes smart girls, so I do my best to keep up in school.''


''Well, that's a good start. So...who is this mystery boy?'' he laughed, smiling at her warmly. ''Anyone from class?''


''Y-yeah...he's in class with us right now...''


''Matthew Townsend?''


''No...not him.''


''Alex Howards? He's on the hockey team you know.''






''It's you,'' she interrupted and turned beet red.


His heart leapt. She couldn’t be serious. He looked up at her blushing face, and noticed she was wearing a little bit of lip-gloss today. Her hair was more shiny than usual, her button up shirt buttoned slightly lower revealing a bit of her cleavage, her skirt was a little shorter.

He couldn't find the words to say. She turned quickly and started packing her bags. ''I'm sorry- I don't know what I was thinking. I'll just tell my mom I'm sick-I'll make up the quiz someday...maybe never...''she rambled as she continued stuffing her bag. She froze as she felt his hand on her shoulder.


“Isabelle…. I understand what you…” She interrupted him, sharply saying “You understand. I’m just a child, it’s normal for me to have crushes. I should just transfer schools…” She continued rambling.

“No Isabelle. I understand what you mean about not being able to stop thinking about me. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since that day.” He took a deep breath, wishing he could take his words back. Surely there were going to be consequences. His job. His apartment… They don’t look highly on teacher student relations.

''Isabelle...I’ll admit, you are quite beautiful. And one of the best students in class. I… I….I shouldn’t be saying this to you. This is too risky.” He walked quickly back over to his desk, shuffling papers mindlessly.

He could her hear walk up behind up. His body grew stiff, knowing she was right there, within reach. He shuffled the papers faster. She put her small hand on his back, and he stopped moving. He was pretty sure his heart stopped for a moment, before he felt it pounding against the inside of his chest. It’s a dream. It’s not really happening. You’ll wake up in a moment, get ready for class, and this will never have happened. But it was happening.

''Isabelle...class will be starting soon. Take your seat.''

''But Mr.Conrad...?'' she said questioningly as more students started to enter the class.

Isabelle, we can discuss your homework after class. Right now, you need to take your seat and get ready for the quiz,” he said, loud enough for the other students to hear. She immediately understood, and took her seat.

He caught her gaze upon him a number of times during the class, which just made it, and himself, that much harder.

This felt so wrong.

The End

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