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``This experiment has got to be the crappiest of the year!’’ Adrianna muttered under her breath. ``Look! No matter how much I go farther or nearer, the damned light won’t focus its shadow onto this stupid paper!``

Isabelle chuckled lightly noticing that Mr.Conrad was less than a feet away from them.

``Any problems?`` Mr.Conrad asked.

``The light’s not focusing on the this paper-`` Adrianna replied tossing the paper which fell softly on the ground beside Mr.Conrad.

Isabelle got off her chair and picked up the paper. He looked down towards Isabelle who returned his gaze and noticed a light pink color rising to her cheeks. She gave him a small smile and told him they didn’t need any help.

``Um-Isabelle. I think we kinda do.``

``Adrianna, here,`` Isabelle said handing her the paper. ``Just turn the paper horizontally,`` Isabelle instructed as she stood in front of her while backing away with the candle.

``What did I tell you?`` she said, giving a triumphant smile.

Mr.Conrad couldn’t help but smile at her. Her smile was infectious, and the way her eyes seemed to brighten for a simple achievement made him feel happy.


While sitting on the bus, Isabelle felt a playful nudge on the side of her stomach. ``Adrianna!``

Now that Isabelle thought about it, the simple nudge felt like it was going to leave a bruise. Isabelle was never the one to back down and avenged her painful side.

``Okay okay stop!`` Adrianna giggled. ``What just happened back there? You know, when we were doing the experiment?``

Isabelle gave her a quizzical look. She had no idea what Adrianna meant.

``Oh come on! Didn’t you see the way Mr.Conrad smiled at you? Earth to Isabelle, he hardly ever smiles!`` Adrianna pointed out.

``He smiled at me?`` Isabelle questioned and became immersed in deep thought. She was reminded of the day she stayed afterschool and whether to tell Adrianna her secret.

``Yes he smiled at you, you delusional twit! And let me say, he has an incredibly gorgeous smile...``

Isabelle disregarded the insult and looked at her best friend of 6 years. She knew her long enough to know her secrets would be safe.


``Hey, you know I had to stay afterschool with him?`` Isabelle said.

Adrianna nodded her head and her light brown eyes widened. ``Oh God, he- you – you guys fucked?!``

Isabelle looked at Adrianna in disbelief. ``! We didn’t fuck. Gosh Adrianna, you and your dirty mind. We got locked in afterschool!``

``How in the world did you get locked in?``

``We both slept-``


Isabelle rolled her eyes and kept silent.

``Okay I`m sorry. Continue,`` Adrianna said smiling sheepishly. Isabelle shook her head. ``Please! Please! I want to know! I’ll tickle you if you don’t!`` she threatened, her eyes glinting almost evilly.

``Fine but don’t interrupt. I’m not sure why but we both fell asleep. The next thing I knew, I woke up in the dark, the whistling song was playing and I thought I was dreaming. Remember all that lucid dreaming thing I was talking to you about?``

``Yeah I remember.``

``Well silly me thought I was having one and was running around the room thinking Mr.Conrad was a monster who was trying to kill me. Then I find out I wasn’t dreaming and my iPod was in my ears the whole time.``

Isabelle noticed Adrianna who was trying to cover her laughter.

``I made him believe I was still dreaming and we kissed-``

``Was it good?``she interrupted.

``Splendid. He’s an amazing kisser.``

``Wait, did you kiss or first or the other way around?``

``I kissed him-``

``Naughty naught-``

``Quit interrupting! As I was saying, I kissed him and then apologized after using that I thought I was dreaming as an excuse. Then I asked him why he didn’t stop me and he admitted to enjoying it except that it was inappropriate since he was my teacher-``


``Hell yeah! But wow... Okay I’ll stop, sorry,`` she smirked. ``Continue.``

``Okay well long story short, I picked the lock open and we got out of school and he drove me home. And don’t you dare tell anyone. I don’t want him fired or any rumours to start,`` Isabelle said.

``Your secret is safe with me. You know that,`` Adrianna smiled. ``So you like him?``

Isabelle bit her bottom lip, ``Yeah, I think I do.``

`` jealous as I am, if he likes you back, then maybe just could keep this whole relationship a secret...``

``We both promised never to bring the subject up ever again,`` Isabelle replied.

``Well just thinking. Oh and if you ever start failing this course, think of blackmailing him...``


``Or he could blackmail it, or fail! Now doesn’t that sound peachy? Just kidding, Isabelle,`` Adrianna laughed. ``Oh hey, here`s my stop.  See you later and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,`` she said and gave Isabelle a tight hug and exiting the bus.

The End

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