Locked In Part 2Mature

How could Isabelle possibly face her teacher now?  All she could do was bury her undoubtedly beet coloured face onto her knees, covering her embarrassment.  She had never in her life, envisioned a situation like this to happen to her. But being an optimist, she decided to make the best of it and look at the positive advantages of her current predicament.

Improvise. That was what she was going to do. Finally, her drama skills would be put into use. She felt a faint smirk grace her lips as she could sense footsteps coming nearer to her.

``Isabelle. You aren’t-`` he said.

Making her move, she shrieked and made an attempt to dash away from under the table.

He had held her back with one had holding her stomach roughly, unintentionally but lost his balance making him fall back to the ground with her on top.  ``You aren’t dreaming-``

Squirming in his touch, she replied to him haughtily although couldn’t face him, ``Liar! Now let.me.go!``

He did as she asked to her surprise and then turned herself around to face him.

``I think I know when I`m dreaming or not, thank you very much sir,`` she said and flipped her hair back seductively. Crawling over closer to him, she whispered in his ear, ``Firstly, only a situation like this would only ever happen in a dream. Because to tell you the truth, it`s quite absurd don`t you agree sir?``

She cut him off as he tried to respond. ``At-ta-ta,`` she said, placing her index finger over his soft lips shushing him. He was just in too much surprise to stop her.

Her heart started to beat rapidly as she looked deep into his eyes. It was easy for her to pretend that she still thought she was dreaming but how would what she was doing affect reality? She couldn`t help it. All she wanted to do was savour the moment.

``Secondly, the real Mr.Conrad would probably have had a fit from one of his students ever touching his persona. Especially his soft, sensual lips...’’ Isabelle continued and then lifted her legs off the floor straddling his waist.


Nothing could explain what was going on in his mind. He was a man, he had urges and his student was tempting him, he felt no will power to stop it. Never had he expected Isabelle to think about him like this and actually act upon it, dream state or not. Sure, he’s observed her in class but what they were doing was absolutely inappropriate. He clenched his fists in frustration.

``Thirdly,`` he heard her say, watching every move of her lips, waiting for the next line.

The next thing he knew he could smell the strong sweet scent of her hair as her soft lips came down upon his gently.  She smirked and released her mouth from his, looking down at him.``I think if I ever tried to kiss him, I would have not gotten away with it. But in a dream, anything`s possible. So there. I think I’ve stated just about enough reasons as to why I am dreaming.Hmm, I wonder when’ll my alarm will go on...``


She felt his hand caressing her leg and she moaned as he placed his other hand behind her neck and brought her down to kiss her deeply. She had just intended to give him a small peck, since she didn’t have that much experience on kissing but his velvety tongue guided her and she followed the rhythm.  Something in her sparked and there was a sudden thrill of this act.

He had to stop this before anything more would happen. He felt a twinge of disappointment when she got off him but shook off the forbidden feelings he felt. He was going to make his delusional student realize she wasn`t dreaming. As he was about to talk to her, he observed her movement. She had placed a finger onto her lips and smiled. But her smile hadn't last long and she turned to him, her eyes widening. She had figured it out herself, saving him from breaking the news.

``What have I done?`` Isabelle whispered.  ``I-I’m s-so sorry M-Mr.Conrad!  I thought I was d-dreaming,`` she started sob lightly.

``That was a very inappropriate move for you to make Isabelle....''

He was looking at her intently and it made her nervous. She turned her gaze away nodding understandingly. But what she couldn't believe was that he engaged the steamy kiss they shared earlier.

''I know, but what I don't get is why you didn't stop me,'' she stated curiously.

''I'm ashamed to say this, especially to you, one of my students that I enjoyed it. Isabelle, you know that this is very wrong. It cannot happen again, do you understand?''  

 ‘ ‘ I do,’’ she replied nervously.  

``Okay. Have you finished your test?`` he asked.

She shook her head and they both stood up from the floor. Isabelle could feel a breeze around her and looked down. Her skirt was ripped from the side. Removing her sweater, she wrapped it around her waist. She still couldn’t believe they slept in the class long enough to get locked in. Her parents would not have been worried since she was supposed to be in a meeting with the school’s film club. All was good.

''You better get going with your test, '' he said.

''Alright alright. Sir, how exactly are we going to get out of here? Oh nevermind! I can pick the lock!'' she said excitedly.

She swore she heard him chuckle in disbelief.

After handing in her test, she looked through her pencil case and took out a paper clip and the cap of a pen. Lucky, her uncle had taught her how to pick locks. She did just that with the locked door, with her teacher impressed.


They both walked out of school and Isabelle spoke up, ``Um- goodnight sir.``

``As to you Isabelle. You take a good night’s sleep. It was clumsy of me for sleeping in class. And the janitor. To think he would have checked,`` he chuckled.

``I will, alright, bye sir,`` she concluded and walked away from school to the bus stop.


The night was chilly and rain started to fall soon after as Mr.Conrad reached his black Mercedes. Going inside, he turned on the engine and took a right out of the school parking lot. As the lights turned red, he looked to the right and saw Isabelle sitting down on a seat in the bus stop shelter. She looked cold and was staring out straight not noticing his car’s presence. He couldn’t help but admire her beauty and then she turned her head to look at him. She looked from him to the lights and noticed it was green but the roads were basically empty.

He gave her a small smile and rolled down the windows and beckoned her to approach his car.

‘‘Isabelle, come on. I’ll drive you home,`` he offered and reached in to open the lock.

Accepting his offer, she went into his car and sat beside him. She told him her address and they drove to her house. He started to talk to her about school which got into a conversation about guitars then to their other interests. She had found out that they had a lot in common, but nothing too personal. Once they got to her house, it became awkward, for him, at least. He restrained himself from giving her a kiss on the cheek and was glad she got out of the car, thanking him for the ride. He started to think giving her a ride was a bad idea. But what’s done is done. He actually wanted to know more about her and that was unacceptable. He’d already secured his job and he couldn’t bear to lose it. But, things would hopefully be fine since they both agreed never to speak of what happened that day.



The End

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