Locked InMature

Isabelle`s eyes slowly fluttered open. An eerie whistling had woke her up.  From her vision, she couldn`t make out any images; all she could see were darkened blurred shadows. `Hmm, I must be dreaming, ` she pondered amusedly. She got up from her desk wanting to get away from the sound and headed to the door. Before she turned the knob she thought in her head while chuckling, `Heh, I`m in school. Oh God that whistling has got to stop! `

Her eyes widened as the knob would not budge. She wanted to desperately wake up from this strange nightmare. A figure was coming nearer and closer... and the whistling had gotten stronger and scarier, making Isabelle`s heart pump.  She turned the knob relentlessly knowing it wouldn`t do her any good, but she thought she might as well try.  Breathing in heavily, she pinched herself. ``Wake up Isabelle, you`re dreaming! Wake up, wake up!`` she repeated, trying to sound calm.

The tall figure was coming closer...nearer...until..

Isabelle`s high pitched scream echoed throughout the room.

``MONSTER!!!`` she said as her right hand had gave a punch to the figure. She didn`t care where she hit just as long as she could get away from ‘it’. Running away from the monster, as she so called put it, she ran across the room but something held her back, and it wasn`t the monster. Pulling harder and harder, she got away but not without the rip of fabric. Not caring she ran and ignored the monster’s mumbled words.

She crept slowly down, hiding herself under a nearby table.

Just then, the lights turned on.

She noticed the scary music awhile ago had been replaced with another musical artist on her...iPod. Her eyes widened as she took out the earphones from her ears.

Reality came crashing down on her.

It wasn’t a dream.

*Whistle Song (Twisted Nerve)- Kill Bill Vol.1 soundtrack xP*

The End

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