“Please Mrs.Lewis! Can we go?” a pleading voice asked.

‘Dammit Kylie, why’d you have to go and say that?’ Isabelle thought and sighed wishing Mrs.Lewis wouldn’t succumb to Kylie’s wish. ‘Oh how I wish this class would never end.’

Mrs.Lewis looked at the clock and looked around the class. She seemed to be in deep thought, her big green eyes watching the class like an owl with her arms crossed.

“Okay,” she finally said. “Since you’ve all been well behaved and that it’s Friday.” She smiled and shook her head as she heard the bustling of students packing their bags and getting ready to leave. ‘Teens,’she thought.

Isabelle was the only one unenthused about leaving school early. ‘What exactly am I going to do for 15 minutes?’

“Have a good weekend everyone and remember, be ready for your oral presentations on Monday!” she said.

Isabelle took her time packing her bag and watched as everyone greeted Mrs.Lewis good-bye. Mrs.Lewis looked at her as she asked, “Hi Mrs, do you need help bringing that to your car?”

Isabelle noticed that her teacher’s eyes seemed to have lit up. “Why thank you Isabelle! Here, you can take this,” she replied giving her a bulky brown box which was a tad heavy. The cover wasn’t closed and saw that a bunch of papers and folders were stacked inside neatly.

To her dismay, just as they were walking out of the portable, she saw Mr.Conrad heading their direction. Mrs.Lewis hadn’t seen and Isabelle went beside her teacher and started up a conversation having to do with the presentation on Monday. She had received plenty of tips like “Do not get nervous, Practice in front of a small audience, Stay in topic etc, etc.” Not like she didn’t already know.

 “Oh it’s David! It seems he has a letter for me! “Mrs. Lewis said as she was opening the trunk of her car. “Isabelle, I appreciate all your help. Thank you,” she said sincerely.

“You’re welcome Mrs. I’ll see you on Monday,” Isabelle concluded.

“Have a good weekend dear,” Mrs.Lewis said.

“You too,” she replied.

Just as she was about to turn and leave, Mr.Conrad’s figure had come nearer to them, oblivious to the fact Mrs.Lewis had let her class leave early. “Isabelle! There is still 12 more minutes of school. Where are you heading?” he demanded somewhat suspiciously.

“It’s okay David. I let my class leave early today and sweet Isabelle was just offering her kind services in helping me out with these boxes right dear?.”

Isabelle nodded her head.

“Here’s the letter for you,” Mr.Conrad said to Mrs.Lewis and then turned to Isabelle who wanted no more than to leave. “Well in that case, Isabelle, you come with me and you can have an early ten minute start on the test.”

Mr.Conrad led the way back to the inside of the school and was kind enough to let her go in first. He couldn’t help but notice how shapely and slim her legs were seeing as they were right in front of him.

‘They ought to change the skirts,’ Mr.Conrad thought to himself as he walked up beside her, his eyes no longer focused on her legs. He heard her sigh as they walked to his class in silence. Once they had arrived, Isabelle smirked as the noise level had died down as soon as they entered. She silently moaned as she watched his movements. He just looked so handsome in his attire which consisted of a light green polo under a dark brown corduroy coat and a light gray tailored wool textured pants.

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He looked at her and told her to sit at an empty desk before giving her the test. The only one unoccupied was the desk at the far back next to one of her friends named Thomas.

“Hey Isabelle! What are you doing here?” he asked, ruffling his dark blonde hair and fixating his dark brown eyes at her.

She found their teacher looking at them. “Doing a test,” she said silently whispered, pretending to look back at her paper. “He told me to re-write it for helping Adrianna with a question! Can you believe it?”

He smiled. “Lucky for you. You know Marie over there? She was caught cheating and sir didn’t give her another chance to re-write it. Consider yourself lucky.”

“Yeah, whatever. Darn, he’s looking this way,” Isabelle said. Thomas nodded his head and looked away, not distracting her for the rest of the class so she could finish it.

Minutes passed as she wrote the test. The answers were coming to her like a breeze. Then, Thomas spoke up, “Four more minutes till the bell. How many pages to go?”

“Two...” Isabelle muttered. The time came when she had to say goodbye to her friend. Her goal to finish the test before school ended was short-lived. She fiddled with her iPod inside the pocket of her schoolbag.

“Isabelle, move here,” he said, pointing to a nearer desk. She nodded her head and packed up her belongings and moved to the front.

Before sitting down, she went up to him and said, “Sir, is it ok for me to listen to my music while doing the test? It helps me focus.”

He looked up from the papers he was marking tiredly and nodded his head.

“Thank-you Mr.Conrad,” she said while turning away and going back to the desk.


The atmosphere of the room was very silent, both figures oblivious to their sleeping state and both filled with sheer exhaustion.

Unbeknownst to the remaining figures in the room, the janitor slipped in a key inside the hole of the knob and turned it.

The End

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