Don't Stand So Close To MeMature

Well basically, student has a bit of infatuation with her twenty-something year old male science teacher. By the way, did I tell you he's strict?

Her eyes skimmed over her test paper worriedly, constantly reviewing her answers and making sure it sounded right and fit what the question had asked. She was also oblivious to the fact that she was biting her lower lip, almost to the point where it would draw some blood.  She deeply regretted her choice of sleeping in the night before, thus, neglecting her studies.

Earlier, before class, Isabelle was moved from her usual desk to sit at one of the round tables at the back of the class. She silently huffed to herself as she was at a loss to write about a question dealing with what kind of reaction a formula was. Decompostion? Synthesis? Single displacement? Double? Shaking her head slightly, she took a sharp breath and with her pen, circled a random letter.

Looking to the front, she noticed that her teacher, Mr.Conrad’s gaze was directed to her. She, along with the majority of the females had taken fancy to their twenty-seven year old male science teacher. He had an amazing pair of blue irises and demanding tone to his deep voice that could make anyone pay attention. He also had a rather fit physique due to his admiration for sports. Isabelle, on the other hand, was a normal sixteen year old with dark brown eyes and wavy chestnut hair.

Isabelle felt her face grow hot as she held his gaze. She felt so much relief as he looked away and walk up to a student with their hand raised, clearly in need of his assistance. She took this time to stand up and walk up to the front to hand her test in, relieved once again for not having to face him.

Her close friend, Adrianna, who was right in front of her had turned her head back and smiled at her. She looked back and widened her eyes . ‘Can you help me?’ she mouthed.

Isabelle obliged happily since she had knew the answer to what the seven diatomic gases were. She had written ‘BrINClHOF’ on a piece of paper and faced it towards Adrianna so she could turn back and look at it.

Thinking it was a harmless way of helping a friend, Mr.Conrad had walked up to Adrianna and took both their tests away.

Cheating is not permitted in my class girls. You both will have to re-write the test tomorrow after school. I will not tolerate this behavior next time so do not try it again,” he said gravely.

“Sir! You’re not serious are you?! Please, it’s not Isabelle’s fault. I was the one who asked her-“ Adrianna pleaded.

He looked at them said, “She shouldn’t have agreed. Both of you will have to re-write it. Understood?”

They both nodded their head hesitantly until Adrianna had spoken up. “No sir. I can’t go tomorrow after school. I have a dentist appointment.”

“I need a letter or a phone call from your parents to postpone your test,” he replied coolly. “Other than that, if you do not show up tomorrow, then you will receive a zero on this test.” He turned to Isabelle, “The same goes for you.”

 When he left, Adrianna turned back and apologized to Isabelle, both of them agreeing he was a bastard. Mr.Conrad was known to be strict but Isabelle hadn’t expected this. She felt a feeling of dreadfulness for the fact that she was going to be in a room, alone with him tomorrow but a sense of relief for the fact that she had one more day to study.

The End

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