Don't Speak

She'll wave at you when you pass her in the hall,

She'll hold your hand when you sob because your hipster wannabe boyfriend dumped you for another girl who "gets him",

She'll smile politely when you make lame jokes,

She'll tap you on the shoulder when you fall asleep in class, and the teacher is eyeing you,

Hell, she won't even murmur when you tell her you hate her.


"I hate you."

She won't even blink.

Her eyes won't even shift.

She'll stand perfectly still as you scowl and shake your head. 


"You are worthless."

Now she'll look to the other side of the room, only for a  split second before

returning her gaze to the floor.

Her breath will stay steady,

Her heart will barely even skip a beat as you purse your lips and smirk. 


"You don't deserve to live."

Her left index finger might twitch once, even twice,

Her feet will remain evenly positioned shoulder width apart,

She'll remain completely silent, as a circus mime, or a mute child, as you laugh and roll your eyes, full of hatred.


"Speak you freak!"

She'll bite her lip, harder and harder until she feels the rush of salty blood in her dried mouth. 

Her hands will remain clapped together hanging in front of her stomach,

She'll barely even stutter when you shove her against a small plastic chair, causing her to loose her balance and formation.


"Jesus, just stop trying."

She'll brush off her white t-shirt, and smooth down her skirt,

She'll quickly swipe away at the tears she's trying so hard to hold back.

She'll whisper a quick "s-s-sorry" as you turn around and march off. 


And you won't even know all the ways you've ruined her.

The End

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