I stared at her, panic racing through me. All I wanted was her to stay with me forever and ever. Her eyes sank right through me, leaving a big black hole. My body tried to break free of the strong arms encasing me, shielding me from her. Alina’s face was falling, going deeper down into this pit of fear and loneliness and despair. I was to busy trying to get to her to notice that my face took on that same expression.


I whipped my head back and forth, furiously looking around for any spec of sympathy or feeling in general. My head turned so fast I couldn’t even see the pineapple wall paper clearly. My mother was crying, her body heaving as if she was lifting a two hundred pound weight on her shoulders. Was that weight me? A handkerchief was pressed to her small, dainty nose as she snorted a bit. I used to think of my mother as beautiful. But how can she be beautiful when she is letting me be taken away? Mother’s husband was just there, standing strongly with no emotion. His face was stern and hard as a cold, unfeeling rock. His hands were folded which gives him a sense of complete authority. But how can a man like him deserve authority? My brother, Carlos, is right next to Mother, staring at me with pity that made me feel like an animal. In-between them is my sister, Amani, with a figure of six years and eyes that asked…Why is Sylvie in so much trouble?


Trouble is a huge understatement. But I didn’t care. I just needed to get to Alina. The people holding us were large and muscular, with no way to hurt. I finally managed to get closer to my poor girl, the only girl I could think of right now. But then she was gone. A syringe plunging into her neck, taking her away from me worse than any of the people holding us. 


I tried to scream. But nothing is there but the will to scream. She was gone from me. Suddenly there was a slight prick at my neck. A strange, gooey feeling was pulsating through me, making  me tired, limp, too sleepy to fight anymore.


“Alina” I garble until that name can’t come out anymore.


Everything stops.


The End

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