Fooling aroundMature

 " You just had some fun for the first time ever ! " Markus said laughing . "All Vampires have this sex drive , You want sex , and you don't really care if its female or male that you 'do it' with " Markus continued . 

" Well , I care " I said pushing my hair out of my eyes . 

" Do you now ? " He said sticking his hand out for me .  I grabbed a hold of his hand and he began to lead us through the club .

"Where we going ?" I asked .  Markus brought us to the men's restroom . He pulled me in with him and he pushed me into a stall .  He began to kiss me wildly . My heart was beating faster and faster . I began to unbutton the button to his pants . He stopped kissing me for a split second .

" Still care ? " He asked . I grabbed a hold of Markus neck and I pulled him in once again .  Markus began to take of my dress . I could feel his fingers at the elastic of my underwear . Murkus began nibbling on my neck . 

" Just do it , " I yelled .  Markus bit into my neck . My eyes slammed shut and a feeling like no other had hit my body  . It was almost like an orgasim but ten times better .  

" I never had got this feeling before ." I said between moans .  Markus tore out a piece of my flesh . 

" It feels good because when another Vampire bites another Vampire it feels like sex , but better . " Markus said . 

The End

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