Just having a little funMature

As a Vampire , you always had to have some sort of 'thing' Markus's was Mind reading .  I was a Future watcher . I see the future . Sometimes the future scares me , sometimes enlightens me , either way , I knew that in the future I would be with Markus . 

" Future watcher , eh ? " He said shoving his hands in his pockets . 

" Yes , " I said . Reana came dashing towards me . 

" C'mon ! We're all going to the club , You guys should join ? " Reana said trying to project her voice . 

" Alright , " Me and Markus both agreed . As we all got into the car Markus began to blab on and on about how hot the girls were . 

" We are going to go see some titty's ! " Markus began laughing at his own joke . 

" Your so immature Markus " I said running my hands  up and down my smooth legs . After awhile we all made our way into the club . There was dancer's and flashing lights ,  It was amazing for such a trashy strip club .  I sat down beside the stage me and Markus were talking but before I opened my mouth one of the dancer's were already griding all up on Markus . 

" They love me , " Markus said yelling over the loud music . 

" I bet they do " I said .  The dancer quickly peeled herself off of Markus and she was now on top of me .  Her over sized breast's pushing up on  my chest . 

"  My names Candy ,   Whats your's ? " She said moving closer towards my face . 

"A-Alexie " I said trembling .  Candy quickly pressed her soft lips onto mine  , and my whole body let go .  I kissed her back  calmly  . Candy opened her mouth and she slipped her tounge into my mouth .  That instant I threw her whole body acorss the room . 

" What the fuck just happend !? " I yelled at Markus . 

The End

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