Don't play with the VampiresMature

  I raced through the woods , trying to get away . I could feel the cold sweat running down my face .  I knew he would get me before I would make it , but I had to try  . My heart raced and my lungs were on fire . My feet burned from the cuts and wounds .  I stopped .  For one quick second and I knew . I was dead . The Vampires had began tearing through my flesh . I screamed in pain . My whole body felt as if I were on  fire.  I began to loose sight of what I was seeing and then ,  everything was gone . 

I woke up naked .  My whole body was covered in blood . I was almost ninety nine percent sure it was my own . 

" Ah , good morning sunshine , " A man with jet black hair and pure black eyes  said .  

" Who are you " I mumbled . 

" A friend , I'm helping you . " He said throwing me some clean clothes . 

" Helping me ? You changed me , " I said pulling up my jeans . 

"  And how wold you know that ? " He said . 

" I'm not fucking stupid , I remember , and these kind of give it away " I said pointing to my new canine teeth that were as sharp as a razor . 

"  Ahh  , They came in nicely . " He said groaning .  At a speed like no other I appeared in front of him . 

" What's your name ?" I asked . 

" Markus , but the real question is .. What's your name ? " He said staring into my eyes  . 

"  Alexie , " I said pressing my lips together . 

" Such  a beautiful name , for such a beautiful woman " He said . I could feel Markus's fingers on my back squeezing harder and harder .  A smile drew itself across my face . 

" Now , we must find you something to wear to the Blood Fest ,  My sister may be able to help with the dress . " Markus said .  A woman with long blonde  hair and pure white eyes came walking into the room . 

" You must be Alexie , I'm Reana , " She said sticking her hand out . 

" Nice to meet you " I said taking her hand . 

"  Come with me , I'll get you a dress " She said holding my hand and taking me away from Markus .  Reana took me into her closet and it was full of fancy dresses . I looked at what Reana was wearing and it was a purple laced dressed . I also noticed that in the middle of Reana's forehead in between her eyebrows there was a dimond .

" I think you'd look amazing in pink , Try this one " She said handing me a V-neck short hot pink dress . 

" I'll look like a slut ! " I yelled . 

" And ? Sweetheart , Vampires are suppose to be sexy , We all look like porn stars  , Well most of us anyways , " She said winking . Reana Began taking off my clothes . 

" I'm just going to look stupid " I said slipping into the dress . 

" No , you look hot  , Now for make up " She said glaring at me through her black eyeliner .  Hours later me and Reana made our way to the Blood Fest . As we walked in everyone stopped and stared . 

" Everyone , I'd like you to meet Alexie " Reana said smiling . Everyone began cheering and clapping . I felt like I belonged to something . I felt like I meant something to the world . I felt accepted . 



The End

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