Agamemnon.  Now there's a guy who thinks he can have it all.  Not only did he think he could win a war against Troy but he thought he was a better hunter than me.  Such arrogance!  Well we can't have that.

I thought I should put him in his place, no-one is a better hunter than me.  So when the time came for him to sail to Troy I made sure his ships couldn't sail.  That really annoyed him.

But I wanted to punish him, so I sent a message to Agamemnon through his seer, Calchis.  Generally I would never trust a seer, nine times out of ten they're making it up, but this time he was right.  Calchis told Agamemnon that if he wanted to please me he would have to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia to me.

I never thought he would actually do it and in a moment of madness before the knife slit the poor girl's throat, I stepped in and replaced Iphigenia's body with that of a deer.

It was annoying though that Agamemnon had done as I asked.  It meant I had to let the wind flow again to take him to Troy.  But I'm not all bad, I did save Iphigenia and she is happier in Taurus than she ever was in Agamemnon's house.  Particularly after that incident with Clytemnestra and the bath when Agamemnon got back.  Not pretty.

The End

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