Some People....

In case you need more incentive to not piss us off, here it is.

Leto, my dear mother, is very watched over. This one woman, Niobe, dared to test us. She was out raged that my mother was known better than herself. she claimed that, if anyone, she should be praised. She said that Leto had only two children, while she herself had fourteen.

Let me tell you, as soon as Apollo and I heard that, we raced to her house. She didn't look so tough when Leto's children were there. Even though there were only two of us, we didn't have any trouble killing all fourteen of her kids.

Apollo shot all seven boys with his golden arrows of extreme pain. While he did that, I shot the girls with my painless silver arrows. Then, we left Niobe. She never did learn, though. After our revenge, instead of bowing to the fury of the gods, she wept that we were cruel. She said that her children needn't have died. I wanted Apollo to return and shoot her, but he was on to other things.

I believe someone either got tired of her endless wailing, or felt soory for her. It doesn't really matter, either way, she got turned to stone. And still she cried over the unfair treatment given her. Some people are just so stupid.

No one knows why, but I spared the life of one of Niobe's children. Little Chloris. She was not like the others. She didn't scream. She didn't cry. She stood up, and said a prayer. A prayer for her family. Not herself. She didn't appear to care about her own life, so I took her under my wing. She is now a loyal Artemis woman. And she is happy.

The End

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