Artemis, I sing, with her golden arrows and her hunting cry.
The sacred maiden, deer huntress, showering arrows,
sister of Apollo, with his golden sword.

Some people don't understand my reasons. I don't expect them to. I pity those mortals. Those silly girls who become infatuated by men. I don't see the point. I never had. It was something that my father Zeus granted me, eternal chastity. I expect it of all of my followers.

There once was a man called Acteon. He decided to watch me while I bathed in the river. I turned him into a stag. I do rather enjoy making stags ... and jackelopes. Acteon had been hunting, and so I sent his hounds after him. They tore him apart, not knowing he was their former master. It's the punishment that all men fall upon, should they try to deflower my followers. They still have a choice in their fate however, stag or jackelope.  

Some say that I am cruel. This is not true. I need not be cruel if you simply follow my path. I don`t take kindly to the hypocrits or liars, cheaters or malicious. No one should. Be wary of crossing my path that is all. You don`t want to piss off a goddess.

The End

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