Don't Piss Off A Goddess

the story of the ancient goddesses.

I am not your average girl. I can't sit still for hours, spinning. I have to be out in the woods, running around. I don't care if it is different. I am different. I am Artemis. I am better.

My father has known that, ever since I was born. I had a job to do from the minute I was born. I needed to help my mother. She was still in labor with my twin brother, Apollo. I immediately took up position as midwife for my dear mother, Leto.

Hera is a very jealous goddess. She cursed my beloved mother. The curse made it impossible for Leto to give birth on land, or anywhere the sun shines. She was angry because her husband, Zeus, is my father. Lucky for my mother, Poseidon, my uncle, revealed part of an island by removing the sea from its beaches. My mother made it here, to Delos. The moment I was born, I had a job. My birth was painless for my mother, the same is not true for my brother. Apollo, my twin, never was nor will he ever be, like me. his birth was long and difficult. Where my birth took but moments, Apollo's took about eleven hours. As soon as he was born, we were both given nectar and ambrosia, the food of the gods. After one day, we were both full gods.

Some gods are born, such as Zeus. Some are made, like me. As a young goddess, I was a total wild child. I sat on my fathers lap, days after I born, and asked gifts from the king of gods. I asked for 60 9-year-old Oceanides, and 20 nymphs from the Amnisos river. I didnt really care about land or people, but my daddy loved me so much, he gave them to me anyway. I did ask to be able to continue to help women in labor with their childbirth.

After these requests were granted, my father sent me to the cyclops, the one that makes his lightning bolts. He made me a bow, and a quiver of arrows. They were silver and I loved them imediately. I still do. They are the exact oppisite of my brothers arrows. His are golden, and cause extreme pain. My gilded silver arrows are completely painless.

I still had one more stop to make. I had to visit Pan. He granted me some of his hounds, for my activities in the forest.

I am what I have made myself. I am Artemis, Goddess of Childbirth, Hunting, Madians, Infants, Dawn, Frost, and Healing.


The End

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