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     Her evening’s ablution created an eldritch scene in the lavatory.  The wall behind the sink was veiled in a dark cloth.  The lights were out.  The dim figure of a human could be seen behind the steamed glass of the shower stall.  The sound of the water hitting the tiled floor and walls was evident of low water pressure.  Through the dim flickering light of a single votive candle a woman’s figure was discernable.  All other details were smudged into obscurity by the inadequate lighting. 

     The woman found that showering by candle light was more disorienting than romantic.  The comfortable feeling of warm water flowing over her did little to stifle her nervousness.  Still the lights in her bathroom never came on.  It was another one of her odd rules that Dylan had come to accept. 

     It was of course alright for other people to turn on the lights while using the facilities just not if she was anywhere near them at the time.  In fact she requested that you close the door before hitting the switch.  The candle light gave her good enough vision to see vaguely what she was doing and little else.  It was all she could afford to see. 

     As she rid her long dirty blonde hair of soap she wondered when it was that the thing had come to her.  Perhaps she had been born with it.  The horrid thing lay dormant inside her, waiting for a large enough supply of evil to sustain itself.  Then enough to grow and make its hideousness apparent.  Or it may have been contracted later in life.  She could have unknowingly made her body welcoming, mistakenly invited it to make a home inside of her with any number of insouciant behaviors. 

     The last residues of shampoo banished she prepared to exit the lavatory.  This was the tricky part.  Water still running to keep her warm she opened the stall door a crack to let her arm reach around the corner for the votive.  Once her fingers gripped the simple glass case around the candle she quickly pulled it into the warm entrapment that was the shower stall. 

     Then the flame was extinguished and the faucet turned off.  Her arm again reached through the thin crack fingers exploring the cool slick plastic of the toilet seat cover until they came upon the soft fuzz of terry cloth.  They grabbed around the towel as before with the votive and violently pulled it into the shower stall.  Having found what they were looking for there was no need to explore further. 

     Firmly wrapped in the towel, feeling the warmth slowly at first but faster now oozing out of the stall, she made her escape.  She walked fast almost a skipping movement off of the cool bathroom tiles and onto the more forgiving softness of the bedroom carpet.  She was careful not to glance towards the mirror.  Hidden though it was in the darkness she knew it was there.  Even if she had been unable to resist the temptation she would have been safe.  Using the candle guaranteed that. 

     Comfortable now in a fleece pajama set she pulled the blankets up under her chin.  Even without a parent to tuck her in at night she found being fully covered by blankets a protective pleasantry.  Secure under her quilted armor she let her mind ease, if only a little.  Her room was free of mirrors, the small high window was firmly covered and she needn’t worry over catching sight of it, unless it came into her dreams.

The End

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