Delilah: One step forwards

I took one cautious step off of the darkly painted ship. My breathing and heart beat seemed to increase at maximum pace, my heart was in my mouth I couldn't control my body properly, every part of me was shaking. I flinched as the hot sun shone directly into my eyes. 'Breath in, breath out' I told myself over and over again attempting yet failing miserably to keep calm and collected. Lets get this over with I thought, I took one over sized step out of the dully lit room into a large light beam, I shaded my eyes from the glow that was savagely attacking my pupils, I slowly removed my shield from the beam of sun and looked blankly at this new encountering. 

I looked slowly around taking in every single detail I could, everything seemed to be simple, plain almost as if this planet was keeping itself camouflage from the world outside. Everything seemed awfully quiet, no cars, motorbikes, loud children not much noise at all (with the exception of the small crowd gathering around the ship whispering and pointing towards the unfamiliar surroundings). This new world felt empty, almost as if it was lacking something that I cannot quite work out, like a puzzle I need to fit these pieces together to understand this new world.

I looked slowly from face to face, nothing interesting. From what I saw there was not one person my age. Boring, boring, boring was the only thought going through my head as I looked at the new faces, nearly all of them had a considerable amount of mud splattered over there cheeks and forehead, would it be rude to point this out if I would once be stuck in conversation with them? My eyes carried on scanning every individual face until  I came across a boy. This mysterious new face looks roughly my age, he's quite handsome...wait! What am I saying? Hes just another country boy not at all special; I must pull myself together, I told myself firmly. I tried to ignore the voice inside the back of my head telling me too 'introduce myself', I know you want to really'. I shook my head slightly trying to shake off the other voice, 'Delilah pull yourself together.' 

This is so dull, what does my Dad expect me to do whilst he's giving some wretched speech to these strangers. My mind drifted elsewhere along with my eyes and I did not realise I had been staring at the boy my age for the last five minutes but surprisingly he looked back looking slightly baffled but still managed a weak, polite smile. My stomach somersaulted following closely by a shiver down my spine, I could not control myself, every ounce of knowledge and self control I had seemed to melt out of my ear. I carried on smiling at the boy, twiddling my hair in my right hand, my face was burning I must look utterly ridiculous to this boy however I cannot care less. 

The speech seemed to drag by, I managed to keep myself entertained by studying this boy, he seems friendly enough; I told myself over and over again. I can't give in though, for weeks I had told my parents how intend I was about hating this world, I can't let a boy make me cave in to my parents yet again. I will take control and look away...but his eyes are so big and dazzling they looked deeply into mine, I carried on staring into his eyes. He must have had enough, his eyes slid away and he looked down, down at the moulding ground, why did I bother I've made myself look a fool.

So much for a new start. I have already embarrassed myself in front of what seems the only person my age for miles. I really was stupid, I dug my nails into my arms in frustration. Why can't I do anything right, why?

The End

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