Leo: Questions

My feet echoed on the cold, hard kitchen floor. I unlocked the front door and stepped outside, holding my hand up to my eyes, squinting in the sunlight. 

I saw most of the town migrating towards a large black sphere that had anchored itself in the big field behind the town hall. Completely baffled by what was going on, I pulled the door shut and set out where everyone else was going. 

I tried to stay away from the crowd, but close enough so I could see what was happening. I could feel the eyes burning into me, I very rarely spoke to anybody, and for me to be here at a public gathering, I suppose it was strange for people to see. But I felt like I was involved with this somehow, and the impulse to be here and discover what was happening with my own two eyes rather than by word of mouth was too strong to resist.

I could see people stepping out of the giant spherical... thing, and I wondered who they were. I had been hearing rumours the past few months of new people settling here but I didn't believe them. Who would want to come here? We barely had anything, the planet was dying out and everyone knew that.

My train of thought was breaking off into so many different directions, I couldn't keep up anymore. Maybe they had come here to help? 

But why?

It was not like we was particularly worth saving, there was only about 1,000 people living here, it wouldn't really be a great loss to humanity if we died.

But what if this was their only choice? What if I was lied to, and Earth really was dying out and there wasn't any other planets people could go to? Why would they lie to me like this? I was considering going deeper into the crowd, actually maintaining contact with people rather than just hovering on the outskirts, and I was moving my feet, slowly but surely, always vigilant, always checking around me. Nearly there, people are looking - oh god, people are looking.... I hurried quicker, head down now, no turning back, I looked up once more just to see, just to have a quick look, to see how many eyes were on me - 

But something cut every single one of my thoughts off, stopped me mid-breath, made me falter.

He was standing there, with the sphere people.

He had spotted me in the crowd.

And he was smiling.

The End

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