Don't Look Back

With no family and barely any knowledge of the world he was living in, Leo was forced to grow up unknowing and emotionless. His life was unceasing and dull.
There was word of new people, new people that were coming that could change everything.
But who is coming? Who could possibly come and make everything better? Would it get better? Or would it get worse?
Whatever it was, Leo knew that Planet X26 would never be the same again...


"Tu es mon monde entier."


"You are my whole world."

"I love you, Mummy."

"I love you too. Get some sleep. Tomorrow, you can help Daddy farm. Would you like that?"

"Yes! I want to talk to the sheep. I love the sheep. I think they like m-" I interrupted myself with a huge yawn.

"Time for rest, my darling." 

She kissed me on my forehead and left the room. I shut my eyes and dreamt of the sheep, dreamt of them just walking around and bahh-ing their little bahh noises. It was peaceful and calm. I was sitting in the sunlight on my favourite patch of grass underneath the big tree and I was whistling, like Daddy taught me. But when I looked up, the sheep had all turned to face me and they were just staring into my eyes.

The sky turned red and the sheep's wool turned into flames and they started walking towards me, their pace picking up faster and faster, until they all came together and they sky was going grey and I was looking at the sheep and they were all there, every single one of them and they was making one big face and it was just suffocating me and I could feel it's breath on me and it's mouth was moving, why was it moving? But then I realised, the face was trying to talk to me and it looked worried but I couldn't hear, I couldn't hear what it was saying because the sheep weren't bahh-ing their bahh anymore, they was squealing, so high pitched that it was just a constant ringing in my ears and I was trying to stand up but I was stuck because the tree had wrapped it's roots around my hands and I was screaming and the whole world was going black -

Smoke everywhere. Someone screaming my name, holding my wrists. 

"Get out of bed! Come on!"


"No, you have to get out, quickly! Hurry!" They was trying to pull me out of bed but I was still rubbing my eyes and what was happening? Why was there smoke?

Hands round my waist, hoisting me up onto the torso of a male. My head was in this strangers shoulder and he was running, running out of my bedroom and across the landing and down the stairs and all the way out, out of the front door and it was then that I realised. I turned and I looked and I looked at my burning red house and it was crumbling and falling and black smoke was just billowing out of the windows and there were sirens and alarms and we were just standing and watching everything burn, leave, cease into non existence.

It was 7 years since the fire, seven years of being alone, seven years of no feelings, no emotions, no nothing. Just sitting under my Dad's tree and farming and tending to the sheep. That was all. That was my life. Plain, simple, easy. Boring, I suppose, but I didn't ask for much. The past was the past, and who could change that?

So I kept farming, and I fed the sheep, and I stroked them and sheared them and I spoke to them when they looked lonely. And I sat under the tree and sometimes I would imagine the dream and I could swear it was happening all over again, the memory was that vivid in my head. I was lost in thought and I knew I was going to sink too deep again, the memories would come rushing in but I'd put up my wall and I wouldn't feel it, I wouldn't feel it, be numb be numb be numb -


My sheep looked anxiously towards me as the whole farm went into blackness.

"What the-?"

I tried to look up through the  branches but the sky was completely black. I stood up (the tree wasn't holding my arms, thank god) and walked out of the cover of branches and as soon as I did I felt as vulnerable as a twig in a forest fire.

Was I asleep? My mind had gone blank and I didn't know what was happening, I was completely and utterly confused and I broke down my wall that I put up in my head and I let it all come back, every single bit, and I remembered on the night it was burning, just a small whisper I heard from the man that saved my life, not to anyone, maybe to himself, maybe even to me, if he expected me to remember it or even understand.

"Seven years," he had smiled. "They will come."

The End

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