Sleep Tight

"I've got you right where I want you, Mark!  Didn't Chelsea and Brittany have you fooled?"  Hades' beady eyes surged through Mark, paralyzing his body in complete terror and sending shots of ice down his back--causing the hairs on his arms and neck to stand like soldiers.  

"I knew it--I knew not to trust you.  Your smile was all a facade," he said, gasping as he watched a group of bugs swarm toward him. 

"You can't win this war, Mark.  Your time is numbered here--and I will make sure of it, all of us," he said gesturing toward the now transformed exterminator, Brittany, and Chelsea.  "Will make sure of it."

Mark watched with wide eyes as the grotesque group shared in a moment of laughter Mark was sure could only come out of a horror movie.  Then again, this might as well have been one, and Mark was the star.

" in the heck do we get out of here, Hades?  The joke is over--you're sick."

"That's just it," Hades smirked, glancing over at Mark, and then over at Oz who was watching another swarm of bugs that hissed as they made their way across the filthy floor.

"Everyone who comes down here--never leaves.  They can try, but they will ultimately fail.  Miserably."

"Whoa, I'm sorry, dude," Oz said under his breath in Mark's direction.

"So," Hades said.  "I bet you didn't think your college career would last only 72 hours?" 

Mark's teeth clenched.

"Too bad that will only be a little while longer..."

Just then, Hades made some hissing noises toward the floor which brought a huge swarm of bugs to the center, and they quickly began eating away at the rotting wood.  "That's it," Hades said. 

Something told Mark to bathe himself in the gasoline, and after drenching himself, he took the lighter tightly in his hand.  Hades came behind Mark breathing down his neck, and said, "Sleep tight," before shoving him into the bug infested hole....

The End

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