The Underworld

The group entered the door and Mark's first instinct was to search for a light switch.

"Damn, no lights. How old is this little short cut anyway?" Mark asked.

"Hades didn't say, but it shouldn't be a long trip. It never is with Hades." Britney answered.

Mark turned on the flashlight to reveal an old hallway. It resembled old castle passages he'd seen in movies as a kid. The group moved foward into the dark until they came to a stair case.

"I thought you said this went across campus?" Oz said.

"It does," answered Chealsea, "but it goes into a basement first."

"Great," said Oz, "This is just how I wanted to spend my night, exploring some musty old passageways while students are turning up dead."

"Well we don't have much of a choice Oz. Lets get going." said Mark.

The four descended the stairs and came into what looked like an abandoned store room. There were some cleaning supplies and maintenance tools, as well as a gallon or two of gasoline. Cobwebs covered everything, and sections of the ceiling looked broken and there were cracks that let water flow into the room. This combined with the layers of dust covering the room created a smell that Mark imagined would be in a mausoleum. Just then Mark's heart nearly stopped.

The room was covered in bugs.

"Good job girls," came a voice from the dark.

Mark and Oz watched as Britany and Chealse walked foward to meet Hades as he emerged from the dark.

"It's time you boys stopped your little plan," Hades said, "This is my school now."

Mark noticed Hades skin was broken, but not bleeding. It was cracked all over, almost as if there was something trying to break out of the skin from inside. Sure enough Hades began to peel back his skin, revealing that he was a bug himself, and Mark was in his Hell as he watched Britany and Chealse do the same. It was all a trap, there was no secret passage. Just a hive of bed bugs and no escape.

"Lets get out of here Oz," Mark whispered.

But there was no answer. Mark turned to see his roommate in the grip of the exterminator.

"I thought you were an exterminator, kill these bugs not us!" Mark yelled.

The pale face of the exterminator stared back, and with a blank souless expression he answered, "I am an exterminator, and there is an infestation at this school. You humans have been on this campus far too long."

Mark watched as the exterminator began to shed his skin just like the others. In a panic Mark threw the flashlight at the exterminator who shrieked as it struck him in his face. Oz was now scrambling to his feet and the two darted across the room. The door was locked. This was the end. Mark and Oz were alone with the bugs. Mark had a lighter to see by, but they could only see the floor about a foot in front of them. All they had was each other, the flame of the lighter, and a canister of gasoline that lay on the floor at Mark's feet. He could hear the ticking of bug legs moving on every surface of the room. He had to act fast.

The End

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