The Hallway

Oz noticed Britney nudge Chelsea as the group exited the room. 

"Mark," Oz whispered.  "Something's up with those two."

Mark was too busy trying to figure out the map that he just shrugged it off.  "Oz, we need to figure this out.  Someone is dead, dude!"

"Yeah, it was awesome that we didn't think to call anyone and report that by the way," Oz stated.

"I don't think it's a good time to contact anyone right now.  Something really weird is going on, and I don't know who to trust," Mark retorted.

"Yeah, so trust the Barbie twins, that's smart.  Just because they have great breasts doesn't make them any less guilty."

Britney turned around, staring at both boys. "Guys, what they hell are you talking about?  Less talking, more trying to figure this out, ok?" 

Chelsea looked at Britney, and then shook her head in agreement.  "Yeah, and I think I may just know of a shortcut anyway.  Uh, Hades showed us some type of underground passageway that connects all the buildings on campus.  It would be less conspicuous if we went through them."

"Good idea!" Mark exclaimed.

Oz ran over to Mark, who was already following the two girls.

"Uh, man, do you really think this is smart?"

"What other options do we have?  I have a map that I really have no idea where it leads.  We both don't know the campus well at all.  Apparently these two broads do."

"Well, ok, I mean, at least maybe, we can get some action tonight from this."

"Oz, let's concentrate on the bed bugs, not the girls."

They walked down a flight of stairs as Chelsea led them to a door that had no sign on it.  Chelsea took out her purse, and frantically searched for something.  A moment later, she took out a key, and slipped it into the doorknob.

The door opened.

"Well come on then," she said.

Oz and Mark looked at each other.  "I'm not even gonna ask," Mark whispered to Oz.

The group then walked through the door and into the dark hallway. 


The End

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