The First Victim

"Oz, Oz!" What the hell is going on?" Mark shouted down the hallway toward his friend.

When he finally groped his way blindly down the hallway to Oz, what he found was right out of his nightmares.

"She's dead. She's dead," Oz mindlessly stammered.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who's dead? What happened? And how did you get out here, anyway? WHAT IS GOING ON?"

"I think I was sleepwalking man. I've had that problem since I was a little kid. It gets worse when I'm in a new place. Sorry if that freaked you out. We have bigger problems, though. I guess I meandered my way down the hall to this room and bumped into the door which woke me up," Oz said. "The door was cracked so when it opened, I could see this girl. Man, it was like a scene of of "Saw" or something. So messed up. She was just lying there. Shriveled up like a freakin' raisin. That's when I screamed. Then the lights went out."

"I think I'm going to be sick. Why is this happening? I bet that 'exterminator' was involved. We should have figured that guy out last night. Where are Chelsea, Britney and everyone else? Do you think they're safe?"

"I know; I know. We can't do anything until the lights come back on, though," Oz said. "I don't hear anybody else; I don't think they've gotten back from the Nest yet. It's just us. Dude, this is freaky; I think we should head back."

Oz pulled out his cell phone and used it as a make-shift flashlight so they could find their way back to their room.  They keyed in and found nothing askew in their space.  They couldn't do anything but wait. 

The boys had just dozed off when they heard a knock on thier door. Oz grabbed one of Mark's baseball bats and got up to answer the door.

"Guys, it's just us, Chelsea and Britt.  It's spooky out here. Can we come in?"  came from the other side.

Oz opened the door slowly and made sure the girls were truly alone.  He welcomed them in and quickly shut the door behind them.  When they found seats for Chelsea and Britney, the boys filled them in on the night's happenings.

"We need to get out of here!" Chelsea squealed.

"And go where? None of us have cars; we're stranded," Mark informed the group.  "It's the bugs.  It has to be the bugs. It's time for a new plan."

He grabbed a flashlight and dug out the map they had made; the group went to work.  Mission Impossible was back in action.

The End

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