Who Turned off the Lights?

Mark and Oz had just finished doing their laundry and were back in their room.  Mark kept thinking about the conversation about the "creepy so- called exterminator." He walked over to shut the door and then got into bed.  Oz was already asleep, snooring loudly.

Suddenly, Mark looked up, realizing that he forgot to shut off the lights.  Just then, footsteps echoed down the hall and got closer and closer.  Perhaps this was just Chelsea and Brittany walking back to their room next door.  

Mark heard a loud scream, then the lights went out!

"Hey, Oz did you hear that?"

Oz did not respond.

Mark attempted to get out of bed to throw something at Oz so that he would wake up.  He made his way across the room,  then he opened the door, and walked out into the dark hallway.  

His bare feet stepped on something that seemed squishy and crunchy.  Perhaps the janitor did not mop the hallways yet.  Then he turned around to go back into his room, hoping that there was nothing wrong.  The screams were probably just from a party or something like that.

As he made his way back into the room, he heard the sound of a voice, a familiar voice screaming in horror.  It was Oz.


The End

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