Salerno & Sons

The boys made their way back to their room and as Mark began to swipe his key, he noticed that the door was still opened a crack. 

"Oz you didn't shut our door all the way," Mark said in an annoying tone. "Anyone could have walked in here!"

"Dude, relax! Nothing is moved or missing. No one was in here."

"Yea, alright. Just be more careful next time. Do you remember anything else the exterminator said?"

"No, man. I had to practically chase him down the hallway, but I did see the logo on the back of his shirt. It said 'Salerno & Sons,' so lets Google it and see if they specialize in exterminating by moonlight!"

Mark rolled his eyes at Oz's joke, but agreed that searching them on the Internet may give the boys some clues to what was going on. He opened his laptop and typed in the information they were looking for. An hour passed with no results and both of the boys were getting restless. 

"Come on, just give up Mark! Salerno & Sons doesn't exist!"

"Wait a second! What the hell is this?"

Mark clicked on a link, which led him to a small forum. The first entry was titled, 'Salerno & Sons exterminator seen in the middle of the night,' the next was, 'What is up with the creepy exterminator??' 

"Do you have any idea what this is?" Mark exclaimed as he looked into Oz's blank face, "This is a forum full of entries from kids from this school trying to find out about the Salerno & Sons exterminator seen here in the middle of the night. And holy crap! Oz this dates all the way back to the 90s!"

"So, you are telling me that a fake exterminator has been coming on campus in the middle of the night since the 90s?"

"Apparently! At least that's what all these entries are saying."

The boys stared at each other with puzzled looks on their faces. Thoughts were racing through their heads, but this soon was interrupted by noise coming from outside. They looked out their window to see a large group of girls leaving the dorm.

As they tried to make out faces of those in the group they heard one girl scream, "to the Nest!" 

"Oh man! Look there's Britney and all her hot friends we were supposed to go out with tonight! And look Hades is leading the pack!" yelled Oz, "how the hell does he get all the hotties?!" 

"There's something really weird going on here," Mark said as he looked at Oz. "And I guess there's only one way to find out what that is."


The End

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