The Nest


The crowd makes their way out of the dorm.  Not wanting to end the night there, they decide to let the good times roll.

“Wait, let me get a refill”, Britney says.  The two boys wait enter the girl’s dorm room as they refill their drinks. Britney opens up her closet to switch to sandals from her UGG’s. 

“Ah bug”!  “There is a bug”! Everybody jumps.  Mark first initial thought is his nightmare is becoming reality.

Oz goes over to investigate.  He notices a tiny spider crawling out from the closet.  “Just a spider, relax.”  Oz steps on the spider, killing it instantly.  He then reaches for a paper towel to wash the mess from the eight legged arachnid. 

A sign of relief is brought to Mark’s attention.   “What did you think more bed bugs”? “No”!  “I hate anything with more than two legs”.   

Bending over to put her UGG’s on, Mark spots tiny bites on Britney’s lower back.  As the boys notice, she quickly covers her lower back.

Whispering, “Did you see that”?  “You saw it to?”  “How could you miss that ass”, whispers Oz.  “No I am talking about the bug bite”  “Dude enough already.”

The girls gather their things and head out.  “So where are we headed”?  Mark says.  “That is for us to know and you to find out”, Chelsea said in a flirty voice.  “You want to go to the Nest?  “What’s Nest? the boys ask.  “The new hot spot”, Britney explains.

“Wait, we are not old enough, wouldn’t you rather see a movie?  “Don’t worry; the RA is the bouncer we are going to have so much fun, Chelsea explains.

The plans have been made. 

The RA stops by.  “Hey girls, emergency floor meeting”.  The boys are in a confused state.

“Not you guys, just the girls. 

The RA shuts the door.  The sound of the deadbolt is also heard. 

The boys wait outside, pondering what could have been so important.

“I wonder what they’re talking about.  “I just hope this Nest place is as cool as they make it out to be”.

Exiting a dorm room down the hall is an exterminator. 

“See, see look at that.  If there is no bed bug problem here, then why is there an exterminator “Mark questions.  “You stay here while I go ask him”, Oz says.  Mark agrees while he puts his ear to the door to secretly listen in on the conversation going on inside the room.

The End

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