Thin Walls

"So I heard someone talk about rum"

Mark and Oz weren't listening to the tall brunette; just staring at her breasts. Before she could realize that Mark replied, "the more the merrier" as he offered her a red solo cup and poured in some of the $10 handle of rum.

"Ah, college. A time to budget your money for the staples in life; booze and ramen noodles" The girl said with a sarcistic stained tone.

The girl had on sweatpants that hung low on her hips and a tight tank top that was small enough to reveal a belly button ring. Her hand rested on her hip and she gave off a carefree attitude. She knew she was good looking, in a humble type of way. 

Mark nudged Oz who was still fixated on the gifts that she had gotten from God. He gave a quick introduction to ensure they didn't waste her time. "I'm Mark and this is Oz. We're just settling in now"

She didn't seem to listen or care and took the cup quickly as though she was deprived of a vital source of energy.

The three of them sipped on the rum, distracting themselves from the inevitable conversation. The "what major are you" and "what's your hometown" kind of talk was a waste of time. Alcohol makes everything more interesting.

Oz reached up to "scratch" his head as he flexed his weak muscles that resembled those of a 5-year-old. The girl could sense his attempt at grabbing her attention and spared his embarrassment. 

"I'm Britney by the way. I don't mean to be invasive but you can pretty much hear everything through these walls"

That ice breaker made the room at ease. The three of them sat down in the middle of the room as they drank the afternoon away. Time wasn't an issue. The first day of classes wasn't for another two days. The only act of urgency wasn't until hunger struck them. The drunk munchies took over.

"Let's go to the cafeteria" Britney said, as she jumped up onto Mark's bed, holding onto the bottle of rum and pointing outside. "Chelsea and I went yesterday morning after we smoked. That place was made for the wasted students here" 

Mark and Oz perked up at not only the sound of stuffing their face but the idea of two hot girls. The two boys were not bad looking but were far from the model type. Okay, so the girl was a lush and maybe her drunk goggles didn't notice the physical flaws, but that was good enough for them.  

"Oh yeah, Chelsea is my roommate. She's got the best bud around too, straight from Cali"

Mark never smoked a day in his life. The words from his mother flashed in his head "Don't smoke weed, don't cook crack, don't swallow pills. Drinking is fine, just stick with the rum. 

Although Mark didn't want to associate himself with drugs, he couldn't turn down meeting people; especially a hot chick with breasts like Pamela Anderson; but real. He didn't question anything and went to the closet to put on his jacket. Oz was soon to follow. 

Bed bugs were far off his mind.


The End

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