Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite

A college campus lives in fear of the rampant bed bug epidemic. Despite the precautions of the administration, the bugs eventually make their way into the dorms. Soon the students realize that these are no ordinary bed bugs, however. One by one, people are being found in their beds, shriveled up like raisins. As more students fall to the thirst of the bugs, the school is at a loss for what to do. When one student comes face to face with the Queen bug, he knows it will be a life or death struggle

Miles, since I selected your story idea for this class collaborative assignment, you need to write the first chapter. This needs to be done by Tuesday, March 29 at 6:00pm, no later. In order for this collaborative project to work you have no more than 15 minutes from 6-6:15pm to write the first chapter. Then the next student in our WFP class with have 6:15-6:30pm to write theirs as a continuation of yours and so on. This is going to be really tough but I think it can  be fun and enlightening. Hope this explains.

The End

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