Chapter 2.6Mature

I guess she was just gonna leave it at that. But I can't stop staring at her as she flops onto the couch in front of the T.V. Is that all she really had to say? Was that it? Of course, Hayden! It's called playing hard to get!

I decide to go down the hallway and into my sister's room. Her door is open, and I can see she's already fallen asleep on her bed, her snoring becoming apparent. I lightly chuckle to myself as I close her door. When I walk into the living room, Kaylie's eyes are closed as her whole body is stretched on the couch, one arm tucked behind her head and the other laying flat on her stomach. I smile at her and kneel down next to her and the couch. I slowly draw my hands under her back. As soon as she starts to squirm, I throw her up and over my shoulder.

"Hayden Adams! Put me down, right now!" she whisper-yells, knowing my sister is trying to sleep. I just laugh as she bangs her fists against my back.

"It's your first official day back here. You can't waste it sleeping," I tell her pointedly.

"Well it seems fine to me," she replies curtly.

“I guess that's too bad then, huh?"

"Where are we going?" she asks with a sigh, relaxing onto my shoulders a bit more.

"You'll just have to wait and see," I reply as I open the front door and she groans at me.

Oh, well. I know she'll love it.

The End

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