Chapter 2.5Mature

"Hayden, why can't you ever just do something I ask?" she remarks, rolling her eyes. She doesn't even try to pull away from my grip, probably because she knows it's no use.

Then I start licking all the ice cream off her face. I start at her forehead and she just laughs as she realizes what I'm doing. Then I begin licking her left cheek making a trail to her nose and then her right cheek. She closes her eyes and stops laughing, leaving behind a small smile. I make my way under her jaw line and make way from the right of her face, to the left. As soon as I hit the left side right below her jaw line, she lets out a soft moan and I smile against her neck.

I found her weak spot.

I let go of her arms and she places them on her hips. She looks at me for a couple seconds before walking away and calling over her shoulder, “Thanks for cleaning my face."

The End

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