Chapter 2.4Mature


Although Emily and Kaylie jump out of the car to get Emily's things inside, I linger in it, thinking about me licking Kaylie's hands in the car...I thought she looked surprised when I did it, but wasn't sure if she was appalled or excited. Just in case, I had to play it off as a bit of a joke.

I get out of the car as I hear Kaylie tell Emily she can take a nap. Then she shuts the front door and turns around to face me as I stretch my arms out. She saunters over to me and stops when she's right in front of my face, crossing her arms.

"You better get this ice cream off my face," she whispers, rising on her tiptoes to reach me.

"What's the magic word?" I ask, whispering into her ear.

She punches my arm, giving me a smirk. She grabs my hand and leads me into the house, through the living room and into the kitchen, and then gets out a small hand towel, handing it to me. I snatch it away from her, trying to hold back my smile, but I can't. I take the towel over to the sink as she leans against the refrigerator. In a heartbeat, before she can even realize it, I'm in front of her, lifting her arms above her.

The End

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