Chapter 2.3Mature

As we start heading towards the exit, Hayden stops all of a sudden.

"What?" I ask him, ready to leave.            

"You guys go ahead. I have to get something real quick."

"Okay..." I say, completely confused. What would he need to get in an Indianapolis mall?

I still go out to my rusty blue truck and place Emily's things in it carefully. I decide it's best to put it in the bed of it inside of my side compartments so it doesn't get squished in the front with us. By the time I see Hayden coming out of the mall with something in his hand, Emily is leaning against the passenger door, and I can tell she's ready to pass out. I know I want to also. I scootch over in my seat and sit criss-cross before opening the door.

"Emily's about to pass out, so I guess you can drive," I whisper to him as he climbs in.

"Well that's reassuring because you haven't gotten any better in the past two years," he says, giving me that sexy grin again, only his face is inches from mine this time, making it hit me full force. Dang. That stare is just so,,,

"What’d you get?" I ask, trying to clear my mind of any thoughts of Hayden. He hands it to me and I look down into the cup to see ice cream.

"It's Maggie Moo's. I hear it's great stuff."

"Oh, yeah! I never had any when I came down, but everyone always says I should've."

I pick the spoon up, about to take a bite, when Hayden reaches over and takes the ice cream off the spoon instead. "Hey! That was mine!" I complain.

He grins at me and starts my truck. On the way back to Linton we share the awesome-tasting ice cream. It's definitely some sort of peanut butter and chocolate thing. When we finish, I realize I have ice cream on my fingers from unsuccessfully trying to feed Hayden as he drives. I lick my pinky finger and Hayden glances over at me.

"What? I got ice cream on my fingers thanks to you."

"Well I can clean up my own messes, ya know."

We're in the middle of traffic, so he takes my left hand and licks all my fingers off in such a sexy, seductive way, I'm almost turned on. Then he takes my right hand and throws it back against my face before I can react, smearing the ice cream all over my face. I start to scream, trying to pull my hand away from his grip. It wakes Emily up, but she just starts laughing as she realizes what's happening.

When traffic starts moving again, he finally surrenders. I look out the window with Emily and know that we're almost back at her house. My phone starts buzzing in the cup holder in front of me so I pick it up and answer without even looking who's called.


"Hey, Kaylie, it's Mark."

"Oh, hey! We're almost back at your house now."

"Well I won't be home for a little bit because I forgot we needed groceries. I just got into the parking lot, but you and Hayden don't have to feel responsible for watching Emily. She's in 8th grade; I think she can handle herself."

"That's alright. She seems tired anyway. I'll just bug Hayden like I always do."

He laughs and says bye. "Bye," I tell him, and hang up the phone.

The End

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