Chapter 2.2Mature

"Home, sweet, dresses," I say to Emily as her jaw drops open at the sight of all the dresses in the mall we are at. It had taken us a little over an hour to get to Indianapolis, but it was worth it. Their malls have a store filled with nothing but beautiful dresses.

I look over at Hayden with his eyebrow raised when Emily runs over to look at the assortment of dresses. He looks back at me and laughs, shaking his head.

"How in the world do you know about this place?"

"This is where my mom took me to find the dress I wore to my 8th grade formal and prom."

"Wow. I think she thinks she's in Heaven."

"She sort of is, being how obsessed she is over all this," I respond. Before I came down, I was getting e-mail after e-mail from her, all of them talking about this major event in her life.

Hayden smiles at Emily and says the one thing I know he's going to say, “She’s such a girl."

"Come on. She'll be going to the dressing room with a humongous pile so we might as well get comfy back there," I tell him, grabbing his hand and leading him towards the back of the store. I sit down on the comfy couch in the main area of the women's dressing room. Hayden lingers, looking uncomfortable about going past the doorway.

"It's alright," I tell him. "No one's gonna come out naked or anything."

He laughs with me as he sits down. Sure enough, Emily is in the dressing room with a heaping mound of dresses in a matter of minutes. She tries them all on, one by one, stepping outside for us to examine. Some are just wrong, some aren't the right color, some don't fit right, some she just doesn't like. She goes to get another pile of dresses, and comes back with only seven or eight this time. The third one in that pile is the jackpot.

As soon as she steps put, I gasp and her brother's eyes get big. She looks stunning in the strapless aqua colored dress that stops a couple inches above her knees. It's got sparkles all over it with a black cloth on her waist that ties in the back. I walk up to her and spin her around.

"Oh, my gosh! You look amazing!"

"Really? Do you think he'll like it?" she asks, more to herself than to me, mumbling and looking at herself in the mirror next to the couch Hayden is still sitting on and messing with her long blond hair.

"He? Who's 'he'?" I ask, nudging her with my elbow.

"What? Oh, no one. one, really. But I want this one. This is it."

"Alright, get it off and we'll meet you by the cash register, all right?"


"I think it looks really great Emily. I think whoever 'he' is, will really like it," Hayden tells her before she turns around, blushing and murmuring a 'thanks'.

When Hayden and I head back up to the front of the store, I look over at him and say, “That was really sweet of you," with a smile. He turns his head, but I can still see the smile on his lips and red cheeks from blushing.

Since it's around noon, we decide to go eat lunch on the food court. We all get Chinese and enjoy sitting down before we go look for shoes. When we're done, I direct them towards another store, full of amazing shoes. Although we're in there for two hours trying to find the right size, color, and heel for Emily, she finally finds a pair that matches her dress perfectly. It's a sparkly light purple peep-toed pair and is the same color as the small purse she finds in that store. I sigh a breath of relief, glad we don't have to go into another store to find the purse.

The End

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