Chapter 2.1Mature


"Oh, crap. I wanna take my car so I can drive, but my car's at the house. Do you guys care if we walk over there real quick to get it?"

Emily shakes her head and Hayden just looks at me skeptically.

"Don't tell me you're too lazy to walk down the street to get my car," I say with exasperation.

"Oh, it's not that. You literally live six houses away from us. It's just...well, last time I drove with you, we almost landed in a ditch," he says seriously, but I can see the small smirk on his face. It's actually pretty sexy, but I still want to rip it off his face. How could he seriously bring that up?

"I had just gotten my learner's permit! And it wasn't my fault, anyway. That dog shouldn't have run out in the middle of the street out of nowhere like that."

"Whatever you say..." he says, turning around and laughing.”Come on, let's just go. I guess I'll have to see if you've improved or not.”

I cross my arms and motion my head to Emily, telling her to come with us.

The End

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