Chapter 1.6Mature

"You jerk!" she exclaims, hitting me in the chest. After a slight pause she looks up at me again. "Yes, my first year of college was great, Hayden. Thanks for asking. How was your second year of college?"

"Thanks so much for the sarcasm. College is great, though."

"Well good. Now hurry up and put some decent clothes on so we can go look for Emily's dress."

"Uh, I think I'm good staying here. You can go if you'd like," I tell her, confusion probably written all over my face.

"Of course I'm going, you idiot. But she needs at least two people to help her decide on which dress she's going to wear to her dance. And her dad can't go; he's a dad," she tells me seriously. With Kaylie, I know I can't win, so I walk out of the living room to go to my bedroom. But why does she always win?

"You owe me, Kaylie," I tell her as I walk out.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever," she mumbles.

The End

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