Chapter 1.5Mature

I suddenly see her legs moving...towards me? I slide my eyes up to her freckled face immediately and she looks down at me, hesitating a moment before climbing onto my lap, sitting criss-cross. I open my mouth with surprise and can't seem to get anything out.

"What? You think you're too pretty to say 'hi' to me?" she asks with a sexy smirk.

"Duh," I reply with my own smirk, keeping my cool.

She puts her arms around my neck, throwing her head back as she laughs. "You're stupid," she tells me.

I put my arms around her waist and lean forward so that her head is close to the ground. She puts her legs around my waist to prevent herself from falling and loosens her grip around my neck due to her laughing.

"Stop it! Put me down!" she says, trying to hold back more laughter, failing completely.

"Your command is my wish," I whisper to her and release my grip from her for a mere second. She lets out a scream, but I put my arms around her again before she can fall. I stand up fully, so she begins sliding down off my body.

The End

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