Chapter 1.4Mature



Knock, knock, knock.

"I'll get it!" Emily screams from the hallway as she flies out of her room and to the front door. She gets to it, her face slightly flushed from the quick sprint to the door, and flings it open. "Kaylie!" she screams again, hugging the girl walking through our doorway.

When Emily finally lets go of the short red-head, she responds, "Hey, Emily!"

And that's when I see her face. So she really was staying true to her promise. Wow. After five years, I thought she would back out. But no. That was just committed Kaylie.

"Hey, Kaylie. It's so great to see you. Wow, I think you might've gotten taller," my dad tells her as he walks out of the kitchen. They hug and quickly reminisce as I watch them from the living room chair. Well, watch her really.

Although it seems impossible, she's even prettier than when I saw her last, which I think was about six months ago during Christmas break. Her orange-red hair is now hanging way past her shoulders in tight, natural curls and her legs are slender, probably from the recent track season. She has a neon blue shirt on that probably has some witty and hilarious saying on it, that matches her Converse. Her black athletic shorts show off her legs and I can't seem to pull my eyes away from her.

The End

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