Chapter 1Mature

Hey, there! My name's Kaylie, and I'm going back home for the summer. College has been hectic, and I'm ready to relax for the next couple months. Except I can't just yet because I have some promises I have to keep to a young girl, Emily, I used to baby sit. I don't know what she has in store for me, but her older brother can be a pain, and it doesn't t help that we kind of have a history...So, this summer's definitely going to be different. Hopefully not as different as my parents though; they'



Bacon. Bacon. Bacon.

I sit up on the light brown couch I'm laying on and have to remind myself where I am. I look at the large flatscreen on the wall across from me, revealing the weather for the rest of the week. Wait, when did my parents start watching the news? I guess a lot changes after a year. My eyes scan the rest of the living room-the space between the couch and the matching loveseat to my right is filled by a small and bright blue chair, the bookshelf to the left of the television is full of pictures of our family rather than actual books, and there are video game systems sprawled along the floor to the right of the television. Our living room can only be described as small.

The smell of bacon hits my nose again, so I untangle my legs from the blue and purple blankets my parents kept after I left so I could use them when I came back every so often. My bare feet hit the hardwood floor and I shuffle through the kitchen doorway to be greeted by my dad cooking. I stay leaned against the doorway, watching him cook with a smile on his face. He can't see me until I walk forward and into the kitchen more. He turns and his smile turns wider.

"Well, good morning. How are you awake so early?" he asks.

I raise me eyebrows and point to the skillet full of cooking bacon.

"Ah, I see. I just wanted to make your favorite breakfast before you went over to Mark's."

"The simple way?"

"What other way is there?" he asks with a wink.

I laugh at him, knowing he's probably itching to make some gourmet breakfast for my return home for the summer. He's a chef, owning the biggest and most famous restaurant in our small city, Linton. He and Mom named it Yummy Bramy's. They opened it together when they were 23, not long before they got married. Bramy is their famous "couple name". They're still referred to as Bramy whenever they're together. Although it's slightly weird to hear your parents called that, it makes me want to be like them when I'm older. They're still madly in love, and definitely show it, even after all this time.

The End

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